Saturday, October 22, 2011


I'm enjoying a small cup of coffee this Saturday morning and a brief Internet session while Patrick sleeps.  I took these mornings before Patrick came for granted, and now look forward to the hour or two after PJ lays down at night and the 30-60 minutes I can catch in the weekend mornings. I think it makes me a better mother, or at the very least, a sane one. (c:

I'm trying to think of something non-Patrick related for this update and non-hormonal worry wart stuff.  It's harder than I realized.  Children really do take over your life completely.

Joc and I have pretty much decided we're going to put new windows in the house.  We have one company coming today and a second on Monday evening.  We replaced our back door and french doors and were really amazed by the difference in the cold floor and the cold air leaking in.  Our bed is under our windows in our room and we have a running joke that one of us says, "can you close your window?" pretty much every night because the draft is so bad.  Joc has done the clear wrap stuff that you hang every year but it always pulls off the paint on the sills and it's time consuming.  I think we're ready... it will just depend on the price I guess.

I keep second guessing my new job but I'm actually pretty content... it's just the damn 5 days a week shit.  I'm getting used to it.  I am actually the coordinator of our new simulation lab.  We purchased two SimMen 3G that do pretty much everything a human does (except each is a mannikin).  I'm talking these guys talk (pre-programmed or I can talk for them), they sweat, they cry, they froth, they seize, they code, they have occluded airways, they can be criched (i don't know how to spell that), they can have needle decompression, you can put chest tubes in them, they have heart and lung sounds, you can intubate them... I'm telling you they do it all!  I've been going to a few other sim labs around here, getting ideas, organizing crap and setting up the first simulations at Saint Mary's.  It's been fun and stressful and exciting and all so new.  I'm really enjoying this part of the job a lot.  It's a great resume builder, not that I'm looking to build my resume but everything helps, right?

Monday, October 17, 2011

Nothing much...

It's about every other day that I second guess my decision to take an educator job and then go full time after having a baby.  I miss the bedside more than I realized I would.  I think I'm in the right place, Mondays are just harder than the other days because we have to pack up Patrick and send him to Sara's and I spend the morning wishing I could stay with him.  5 days a week is hard, it's tiring and excessive really.  Why can't I work 3 days a week?  ugh. What a pain.

There's not much to write about right now.  Patrick has a cold and he went to bed early tonight because he was so tired and stuffy.  Poor guy.