Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time keeps on slippin'

I was thinking last night, as Joc and I were driving on the East Beltline, that I miss Colorado. Which is a little crazy to me, since I didn't love it while I was out there. Don't get me wrong, Margaret!, I had a great time and enjoyed myself immensely I just didn't love love love it. The sunsets here in MI, there's nothing comparable really and those Rockies are so majestic and breathtaking. The sky was so big, it felt like when I looked out I could see to Wyoming and all the way to Kansas or New Mexico ya know? I just don't get that here in MI. In Northfield, which was just an area north of my apartment (had a shopping area and theater), I saw such great scenery and great views of the Rockies, I miss that.
The work, I don't miss really at all, a few of my co-workers yeah, I miss them but I'm content to be back at my current place of work. Although there are more politics here than I remember and that is a bit stifling in fact it's almost suffocating at times. I'm dealing, trying to get my place back in the workforce, remind myself why I loved Saint's as much as I did and why I was so excited about returning. The staff has had such a turn over, my cohort's absence is definitely felt, in fact Rachael, we were talking about your legendary fart the other morning...and I do mean legendary because it will go down in history I think. (c: I'm only sorry I didn't get to witness it myself. It still feels odd going into work at night and leaving in the morning, and you really see no people of management at all. Hell, I could probably wear a different uniform and unless my co-workers tattled, no one would know! And moving to a new building, the planning and changes that are being made, hell, it's enough to give anyone a headache. I can't tell you how many rumors and talk goes on about what the staffing will be like, the roles we will all play, the fear of what types of patients we'll have, mourning the loss of our ICU identity. It's a lot, that's all I'm saying. I can't help wishing it was like it used to be, before we all left to travel. Se la vie, life goes on, things change, people move and we all grow up. I'm dealing, don't worry, I'm dealing.
Peace out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's that smell?

I feel like I should post something...something really juicy and interesting...let me think for a minute.... (tick tock tick tock)
We bought a flat screen TV...nice! I think we have to get a new cable box that streams HD in order to get that crisp picture everyone rants about though. Right now, it's about the same picture as our old TV that incidentally, works just fine. So, why you ask, did we need a new one? Well, for those of you who know me, I'm a bit of an impulse shopper. For example, I loved Jeep Wranglers, so one day my friend and I are driving through Cadillac and in a car lot I see "Vinnie", my old black Jeep. Just for fun we stop by, take it for a test drive and as I'm gushing about loving it and wanting it, the very nice (overly charming) salesman tells me I should take it home for the night, check it out, show my mom. Long story short, after being told multiple times "no" from my motha, I'm determined that I can afford it, I want it and I'm going to buy it! So I bought it, paid too much, had a heavy car payment that I managed to pay but fear some of my student loans that I'm now paying are actually like second car payments. Without a "I told you so" my mom let it go, she's good like that. So, you could say I'm an impulse buyer who regrets things later. Joc, on the other hand is more of a thinker. She mulls over things and decides if she can "afford" things without payments but don't be fooled, when she decides to buy something, it's an immediate thing. For example, her iPhone, she mulled over that damn purchase for I don't know how long. She watched the Apple tutorial online repeatedly until one night, at 9 pm mind you, she says, I'm going to buy it, let's go. We rush to the mall where she is able to purchase the phone at the last minute before the gate came down (ok, I'm exaggerating that part, we had an hour but for dramatic effect, I wanted to make her sound desperate! ha). Needless to say, as a follow up, I impulsively went out the next week and bought my own! so predictable! Where was I going with this story? Oh, right, the TV! I kept saying, for months now, let's just get one and Joc kept playing the "not until one of ours stops working" card. Then, on Sunday, we left the house at noon, drove between Best Buy, Circuit City and Target where we finally bought a 37" insignia TV. It's similar to the Meijer brand cereal at the store, but works just as well and we paid less, so there! Anyhoo, we set it up in our living room across from the fireplace, changes the feel of the room sort of, but it's nice.

Life is too short and as Joc's boss said, "thanks for doing your part to stimulate the economy". You are welcome! (c:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wee hours of the morn

Greetings! Before I get too far into this, I always sit down at the computer whose "s" doesn't work wonderfully. I have to consciouly push hard on the s and if I forget, when I'm proofing my writing, I notice dropped s's along the way. Irritating is one word for it.
Fall is in full force around MI, Joc and I enjoyed a trip up north to Charlevoix in which the colors were perfect. The scenery was breathtaking and gorgeous. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, we went to applefest in downtown Charlevoix on Saturday, then went out on the boat Sunday. It was a fulfilling weekend, and I was a welcome guest at the Hodack Farmhouse (a first for me!).
I did some leave gathering today, I can't call it raking because I used a leaf blower (or sucker) so, really I jut tooled around the front yard sucking up the leaves and then bagging them. And when I left for work, the yard looked like I had hardly done anything! Jeez. That's why I'm an advocate for waiting until the trees are bare before raking/leaf blowing. (c:
Anyhoo. The night is young, I need to chart and work on homework.
Peace out!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A day in the life...

Ok, here it is...Michigan ain't so bad! There, I said it. I'm not sure I'll admit to that again anytime soon so savor it while you can.
I'm back to work at Saint Mary's and nights is treating me fairly thus far. I haven't had anything too interesting or monumental so I won't bore you with gibberish.
Joc and I went up to TC last weekend for wine tasting, we came home with way too much wine but have already enjoyed a few bottles.
I've been desperate to find a beer I love, Apple Spice from Lienekugel's but to no avail. I've searched high and low and still have hopes that it'll turn up somewhere and I can stock up.
This weekend is apple fest in Northern Michigan, so once again, I'll be on the road. If flying weren't so damn expensive, I would seriously look into flying! (c:
That's all, I told you that I'm unexciting and life isn't all too fabulous and glamorous.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My mom and I made the long trek across America and survived it! Took 17.5 hours to drive 1200miles...Nebraska is a long freakin' state! It all went well, and I just returned from St. Mary's where I completed my re-hire paperwork, passed the drug test (whew!) and said hello to some familiar faces.
It's good to be home again.
As for this blog, I'm not sure where the future of it is headed. Maybe I'll update it with major happenings from life around here, maybe not. We'll see.
Thanks for reading and keeping up on my adventures and life while I tried my hand at traveling. I had a good time, learned a bit about myself, the hospital and the western way of living. It's been grand!
Until next time, be well!