Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gator Alley

Well, we made it there and back! I know you were all terribly concerned. No delays, no issues getting out of Grand Rapids or Detroit airports and no delays coming home. Florida was wonderful and warm and just plain ol' fab. We had temps in the 80s every day we were there, we laid by the pool, swam in the pool, went to the Gulf (too cold to swim in but some people were swimming), ate lots of good food, hung out with Joc's fam and went down gator road. I took other photos but they aren't nearly as cool as the gators! We must have seen about 100 of em just lounging around, soaking up the sun or floating down the "river". It was neat.
It didn't feel like Christmas too much, what with the warm weather and no snow, but I'm not complaining. It was a blast. Makes me wonder why we all don't move south for the winter? I even managed to get a slight tan! Swell, just swell!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Santa, No more snow!!

It seems it has been snowing since Friday. Ugh.
We fly out to Florida tomorrow at 630 am, it better not be canceled!!
Happy and safe holidays to all! Stay warm and have a great Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Where's that snowblower when I need it!

Is it too late to buy a snowblower???!!! We got about a foot of snow over night and throughout this morning...so I, being the good housewife, set out to shovel the drive. What a mistake! It took me 3 hours to shovel half the driveway and I had to stop to eat and warm up. I was miserable, my back is killing me and I am so not in the mood to go finish off the job. UGH! Joc and I have been talking about buying a new fridge, today I say, F it! I'd rather have a snowblower, although at this point it wouldn't do much to help. Sigh!
Who misses living in MI again?
More snow next week, can't wait! (c:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the no's have it

Well, I haven't gotten the official word yet but it has been over a week since my interview and no calls. Soooo, I'm assuming it's a no. I called the HR gal at GRCC today and left a message but I'm pretty sure they would have called by now if they wanted me. Alas, life goes on for me. Politics and emotions are running high at work these days leading up to our impending move to a new building and I'm feeling a bit depressed about it all. I'm truly beginning to dislike my place of work more and more, all the rumors running amuke and things we hear about assignments and changes being made by "leadership". Woes about budgets and staffing etc, it's unbelievable. I'm about to my breaking point, about. I'd like to say I have a day position to start in the next couple months but you can't get anyone nailed down on anything around there and if we're talking seniority I'm 4th on the list...yup, 4th. Ask me if I regret leaving to travel now...UGH! Can I just say I'm glad I have a back up plan (my masters) to fall back on in the near future if this doesn't work out well for me.
If I hear differently from GRCC I will definitely post it here but if not, you can assume with me that I'll have to hold out for the next open position that might open a crack in the door that my size 12 will fit into. Keep your ears peeled and eyes open for me!
Caption for picture: Me and my nephew Lucas when he was just a newborn babe! I've been browsing my old photos recently. Hard to believe that little sleepy guy is the same one you can't keep in one place now! Love him, love it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Picture of the Day

An old shot of me in the GAP in Chicago, I'm guessing from the date it was three years ago.
Happy Thursday all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lady in waiting

Had my interview with GRCC Monday, now I wait to see if they like me... It feels like forever but they are supposed to be deciding by the end of the week. Sighhhhh.
I'll let you know when I hear.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Where's my soapbox...ahh, here it is!

Why do we waste our time on Grey's Anatomy? Why is Izzie sleeping with a dead person, still, shouldn't that have ended after one episode, or maybe two? Why does she think the sex is so great? He's dead, there's no one there so who in God's name is she having such great sex with? I know it isn't herself, I mean come on, no one is that good at masturbating. What's with that? It's no longer a good plot line, it's simply creepy if you ask me. Why do they always, always, always have to have sex with each other, none of them can have a relationship outside of their circle? Why can't they include nurses, who says nurses couldn't produce a good storyline other than sex with a doctor? Why can't any of them admit they are horrible residents who don't teach their interns shit which is why they resorted to surgery on one another? Do you realize that these interns have less responsibility than a med student in real life? That's f-ed up. The whole show is just f-ed, it's all about a good storyline and you know what, it creates such falsehoods. Do you realize the save rate on these medical shows is nearly 100%, do you know in reality I'd say as many people die that are saved on the show. So if in one show of Grey's, three patients are saved and one dies in real life it would be the opposite: one person would live and three would die. Not to mention the person who lived might have brain damage or be in the ICU for a long time and recover slowly.
I had a patient the other night who arrested at home, his heart stopped, despite 4 hours of CPR and medical intervention he died. Before he died, I was in the room and his son was at his bedside and do you know what he said, "on TV, they always look like this and then they get better, I think if we wait he'll get better." WHAT, on TV, this is reality man???!!! And he believed it, I could tell. And he was an adult, he wasn't a teenager or even 21 no he was older than me. I know about coping mechanisms and unrealistic expectations but I really do think TV shows create these unrealistic scenarios and non-medical people truly believe they are real. I want a disclaimer, maybe that would help. I want something at the beginning and end of the shows that says, "The stories presented here are by no means realistic or based on true events, these are fabrications that are dramatized for entertainment purposes." The sad thing is, it still wouldn't matter.
Jeez. And! I really don't know why I keep watching it, I think it might be because I'm waiting for them to redeem themselves somehow, medically. I'm hoping that one day, some Thursday night, they will show a semi-real scenario that I can say, "hmm, that's almost realistic". It infuriates me that I hold out for that, I waste these hours of my week, waiting for Hollywood to redeem itself. Dream on. I just can't quit you Grey's!

Okay, I'm stepping down from my soapbox now.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Greetings and Salutations

Have I ever told you guys that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday? Well, it is and not because of the turkey, although that doesn't hurt, it's the day itself. Gathering with family and/or friends and cooking together, laughing, drinking and then eating. There's no pressure to buy and give gifts, just being pleased with seeing everyone and remembering how dog-gone blessed I have been in my life. So, this is my shout out and my thanks and giving for this time of year. I truly am lucky to have such loving and caring people surrounding me every day, especially on my favorite holiday.
And even though it's late, Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The benefit to benefits?

So, I've been insurance free for a couple months now and upon re-hire at Saints was told I'm not eligible for benefits until 30 days post hire. Well, long story short, 30 days passed, no news on my benefit options so I called HR and was told basically they were doing me a favor in allowing me to sign up through them. Then in browsing my options today I find it written that because I'm a re=hire I should have been eligible for benefits immediately upon hire! I could scream at that OTE/HR lady!!!! Not to mention, she works 8a-2p...please, how is that a "normal" day? And she has the nerve to call me today while I'm sleeping and leave the message that says, "if I don't hear from you today or tomorrow, you won't be able to sign up". Bite me!
Oh, I was hot...still am I guess. Just pisses me off, get your shit together, that's all I ask!
Thanks for letting me vent.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Dirty Carpet Anxiety

Well, it's finally snowing in Grand Rapids. The heavy, wants-to-be-rain snow that is perfect for snowballs and snowmen. I went for a nice run in the snow and felt really great, had my headphones on and the music blaring. It was great.
Not much happening for us around the holidays. We are headed to Cadillac for my ma's dinner. To Florida for Christmas with Joc's mom's family. Just trying to work, finish my class and live a little.
The house should be re-sided by next week, I'll post some pictures when it's all done.
Happy Tday to all!

Monday, November 10, 2008

I wanna be a rock star

If I had life to live over again, what would I be?
Now, wait. I know you are asking yourself (or not), "Jenn, you really aren't that old you can still be anything you want" Well, I'm not getting any younger and this past weekend I had some experience with the PS3 game "Rockstar" and it was life altering.
I don't have the pictures but when they are emailed to me you betta believe I'm uploading one. Do you know the game? Well, there's a guitar, a drum set and a microphone... the rest is what I'd like to call Rockstar history. The first song that I sang was "You oughta know" by Alanis, I was jammin'. There's a list of songs (why NIN has more songs than other artists, I'm not sure) and you pick what one you sing. The lyrics are there and you get a percentage based on how well or poorly you did. I only wish Garth Brooks had a song or two, but apparently people think you can't rock out to country music, they are mistaken.
So, maybe I missed out on being a rockstar, maybe not. Maybe I'm giving myself too much credit after all, it wasn't a "real" band, it was almost better than karaoke. Maybe I should call an agent and try to get on the next American Idol...perhaps I won't. I don't want to be in any outtakes, a laughing stock of America as opposed to my circle of friends.
I'll keep you posted.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A gaggle of pictures

Well, it seems that I have done a few picture worthy things since returning to MI and since I just uploaded all the camera images tonight, I thought I'd give ya'll something to chew on... It's a mix between our last trip to Cadillac to see my motha, sister Jules and cutest nephew Lucas on my grandma's 82nd bday. Also included are pictures from the wine country tour Joc and I did for our 1st wedding aniversary in Traverse City, we started out as strangers and ended up as pals, alcohol will do that I suppose (c: Oh, and how could I forget halloween? Right, I was a mime and no one bothered to tell me that no one likes mimes!!! Jeez, regardless, I looked good!
Enjoy the pics!
(P.S. Thanks for voting!!)

Mom and Lucas
Sue (70s dude), Mandy (upside down baby, you can't see the head, it's between her legs), Joc (a rugby star from Ireland) and me (a mime)
A walk way on the sleeping bear dunes
More sleeping bear dunes and Lake MI
Me at the dunes, climbing and such
Our wine tour group at the end
This might have been the last winery...just tastin'
A sunrise from the B&B we stayed at...nice!
Joc and our favorite nephew, Lucas...ain't they cute?!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

V to the O to the T to the E

Hey everyone,
Just a friendly reminder that voting occurs on November 4th and this one's gonna be a good one. Please make time in your busy days to get to the polls and cast your voice. Remember, if you don't vote then you can't complain about the government, so do it!
And take a few minutes to check out this You tube video about voting, it clever.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time keeps on slippin'

I was thinking last night, as Joc and I were driving on the East Beltline, that I miss Colorado. Which is a little crazy to me, since I didn't love it while I was out there. Don't get me wrong, Margaret!, I had a great time and enjoyed myself immensely I just didn't love love love it. The sunsets here in MI, there's nothing comparable really and those Rockies are so majestic and breathtaking. The sky was so big, it felt like when I looked out I could see to Wyoming and all the way to Kansas or New Mexico ya know? I just don't get that here in MI. In Northfield, which was just an area north of my apartment (had a shopping area and theater), I saw such great scenery and great views of the Rockies, I miss that.
The work, I don't miss really at all, a few of my co-workers yeah, I miss them but I'm content to be back at my current place of work. Although there are more politics here than I remember and that is a bit stifling in fact it's almost suffocating at times. I'm dealing, trying to get my place back in the workforce, remind myself why I loved Saint's as much as I did and why I was so excited about returning. The staff has had such a turn over, my cohort's absence is definitely felt, in fact Rachael, we were talking about your legendary fart the other morning...and I do mean legendary because it will go down in history I think. (c: I'm only sorry I didn't get to witness it myself. It still feels odd going into work at night and leaving in the morning, and you really see no people of management at all. Hell, I could probably wear a different uniform and unless my co-workers tattled, no one would know! And moving to a new building, the planning and changes that are being made, hell, it's enough to give anyone a headache. I can't tell you how many rumors and talk goes on about what the staffing will be like, the roles we will all play, the fear of what types of patients we'll have, mourning the loss of our ICU identity. It's a lot, that's all I'm saying. I can't help wishing it was like it used to be, before we all left to travel. Se la vie, life goes on, things change, people move and we all grow up. I'm dealing, don't worry, I'm dealing.
Peace out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's that smell?

I feel like I should post something...something really juicy and interesting...let me think for a minute.... (tick tock tick tock)
We bought a flat screen TV...nice! I think we have to get a new cable box that streams HD in order to get that crisp picture everyone rants about though. Right now, it's about the same picture as our old TV that incidentally, works just fine. So, why you ask, did we need a new one? Well, for those of you who know me, I'm a bit of an impulse shopper. For example, I loved Jeep Wranglers, so one day my friend and I are driving through Cadillac and in a car lot I see "Vinnie", my old black Jeep. Just for fun we stop by, take it for a test drive and as I'm gushing about loving it and wanting it, the very nice (overly charming) salesman tells me I should take it home for the night, check it out, show my mom. Long story short, after being told multiple times "no" from my motha, I'm determined that I can afford it, I want it and I'm going to buy it! So I bought it, paid too much, had a heavy car payment that I managed to pay but fear some of my student loans that I'm now paying are actually like second car payments. Without a "I told you so" my mom let it go, she's good like that. So, you could say I'm an impulse buyer who regrets things later. Joc, on the other hand is more of a thinker. She mulls over things and decides if she can "afford" things without payments but don't be fooled, when she decides to buy something, it's an immediate thing. For example, her iPhone, she mulled over that damn purchase for I don't know how long. She watched the Apple tutorial online repeatedly until one night, at 9 pm mind you, she says, I'm going to buy it, let's go. We rush to the mall where she is able to purchase the phone at the last minute before the gate came down (ok, I'm exaggerating that part, we had an hour but for dramatic effect, I wanted to make her sound desperate! ha). Needless to say, as a follow up, I impulsively went out the next week and bought my own! so predictable! Where was I going with this story? Oh, right, the TV! I kept saying, for months now, let's just get one and Joc kept playing the "not until one of ours stops working" card. Then, on Sunday, we left the house at noon, drove between Best Buy, Circuit City and Target where we finally bought a 37" insignia TV. It's similar to the Meijer brand cereal at the store, but works just as well and we paid less, so there! Anyhoo, we set it up in our living room across from the fireplace, changes the feel of the room sort of, but it's nice.

Life is too short and as Joc's boss said, "thanks for doing your part to stimulate the economy". You are welcome! (c:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wee hours of the morn

Greetings! Before I get too far into this, I always sit down at the computer whose "s" doesn't work wonderfully. I have to consciouly push hard on the s and if I forget, when I'm proofing my writing, I notice dropped s's along the way. Irritating is one word for it.
Fall is in full force around MI, Joc and I enjoyed a trip up north to Charlevoix in which the colors were perfect. The scenery was breathtaking and gorgeous. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, we went to applefest in downtown Charlevoix on Saturday, then went out on the boat Sunday. It was a fulfilling weekend, and I was a welcome guest at the Hodack Farmhouse (a first for me!).
I did some leave gathering today, I can't call it raking because I used a leaf blower (or sucker) so, really I jut tooled around the front yard sucking up the leaves and then bagging them. And when I left for work, the yard looked like I had hardly done anything! Jeez. That's why I'm an advocate for waiting until the trees are bare before raking/leaf blowing. (c:
Anyhoo. The night is young, I need to chart and work on homework.
Peace out!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A day in the life...

Ok, here it is...Michigan ain't so bad! There, I said it. I'm not sure I'll admit to that again anytime soon so savor it while you can.
I'm back to work at Saint Mary's and nights is treating me fairly thus far. I haven't had anything too interesting or monumental so I won't bore you with gibberish.
Joc and I went up to TC last weekend for wine tasting, we came home with way too much wine but have already enjoyed a few bottles.
I've been desperate to find a beer I love, Apple Spice from Lienekugel's but to no avail. I've searched high and low and still have hopes that it'll turn up somewhere and I can stock up.
This weekend is apple fest in Northern Michigan, so once again, I'll be on the road. If flying weren't so damn expensive, I would seriously look into flying! (c:
That's all, I told you that I'm unexciting and life isn't all too fabulous and glamorous.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My mom and I made the long trek across America and survived it! Took 17.5 hours to drive 1200miles...Nebraska is a long freakin' state! It all went well, and I just returned from St. Mary's where I completed my re-hire paperwork, passed the drug test (whew!) and said hello to some familiar faces.
It's good to be home again.
As for this blog, I'm not sure where the future of it is headed. Maybe I'll update it with major happenings from life around here, maybe not. We'll see.
Thanks for reading and keeping up on my adventures and life while I tried my hand at traveling. I had a good time, learned a bit about myself, the hospital and the western way of living. It's been grand!
Until next time, be well!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh Pat!

My mother has joined me in Colorado, we've had some good times. I wanted to post a write-up about our trips and get some pics online.
She came in Saturday, we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park and watched some elk grazing and "bugling" and getting a bit close for comfort to the people. It was a pretty cool thing to watch. Sunday we headed south of Denver, to the Royal Gorge where we rode a train that runs through the gorge, under the world's tallest suspension bridge. We then drove up to the bridge, paid way too much money to be able to walk across the bridge (it's HIGH! and there were people bungie jumping and base jumping off it..insane!). We crashed in Manitou Springs for the night and today we rode a cog (train) up to 14,100 feet above sea level to Pike's Peak. It was a nice ride, nice view and cold. Then we hit up the Garden of the Gods...which was also very beautiful. It's sort of a geological and historical area because the rocks have been moved to a vertical position. The park was free for us and we tooled around a bit, hiked some and took some pics. The rocks are very red too, similar to Red Rocks outside of Denver. It's from the evolutionary process and the layers of earth as time evolved and the earth changed. Picturesque and fun. Now, we are back in Denver. Tuesday (that's tomorrow), we will pack up my apartment, do some cleaning and chill. We pack the car Wednesday morning and as Willie Nelson says it best, we'll be "on the road again". I'll upload some pics from our trips. Hope to post once or twice more on my blog and then I haven't decided what to do with it. Hang around.

This place was really great...here we are at the entrance

The Kissing Camels. do you see them at the top of the pic? the two rocks touching each other, looks like they are smooching...

These are known as the Siamese twins with mom in the middle...

The Royal Gorge train, just after a guy took this pic, the conductor came and told him people aren't allowed on the tracks...opps! at least we got our picture in! (c:

Me in the Garden, I hiked up some rocks, Mom eventually followed and then we sat and looked out for a bit, it was a great spot

At the entrance to the park..look familiar? Joc and I took the same pic at the start of my trip...how it all comes full circle...

The elk were roaming around, I have lots of pictures of this guy, he was bellowing, or bugling as they call it, at his women at this point. Mom and I were in the road, at one point earlier we walked through the crowd of people...mighty beasts they are

Us on the cog to the summit of Pike's Peak...3 hours round trip ride...

At the summit. It was chilly, like 30 degrees brr!

On Pike's Peak, looking Northwest (they say on a clear day you can see Denver's skyline but it wasn't clear enough for us)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Oh, man! Did anyone watch fall premieres last night? No, Yes? Well, I just watched a couple online. Grey's Anatomy ticked me off, please, tell me you don't believe that's what hospital employement is really about, I ask myself repeatedly while watching why the hell I'm watching it. All I can yell out is, "that's not how it is!" or "whatever, where the hell are the nurses?!"
ER made up for it, I'd watch that show 20 times over grey's, I mean, it's not the most accurate but for some reason I'm more committed to the drama on ER than Grey's, I mean, did you watch it? OMG, Dr. Pratt died and it wasn't a "go peacefully into the night" kind of death, but lots of ups and downs, one moment he's fine and talking then next they are traching him with an IV tubing (ok, that's about as believable as Grey's whole storyline but still). I shed a few tears for Pratt, I always liked his character.
The best, the greatest of all was the Office. OMG, I laughed so hard and often (almost as often as in the Palin v. Hillary SNL skit). Michael is the funniest and crudest and most obnoxious boss and I L-O-V-E him! Oh yes, and how can we forget that Jim finally proposed to Pam! Jeez, what a dork, it took him long enough. Can I just say Dwight is my favorite. A very good showing I must say.
Anyhoo. That's all. I'm going to add the link to the SNL skit from their premiere of "Palin and Hillary" addressing the nation. It's five minutes, take the time to watch it if you haven't already.
Peace out!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't talk to me like you know me! You don't know me!

Well, I went to the 16th St. Mall yesterday, it's an all pedestrian shopping area. I was searching for some things I need before I leave. There's not major department stores really, just a lot of restaurants and touristy places.

Maggie, Jonathan, Joseph and I went to the Italian fest last weekend, ate lots of good food and hung out for a bit in the hot sun. It was fun to "experience" the Italian culture.

Other than this, I'm a boring person, so I won't continue to bore. Just grocery shopping today for food for the trip and probably doing some homework. Maybe I'll go to the pool since it's still open here and work on my tan (it's been awhile actually).
Hope this finds you all well! See you soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ah, life!

Well, here I am chillin' in my quaint apartment, just finished my laundry and am contemplating what to do with my evening. It's stayed pretty warm around here, up into the low 80s today, 70s the rest of the week. I'm so ready for fall. In Glenwood Springs it felt more fall-like, but still warm. I'd like to go for a run this evening, need to give it another hour to cool off a bit I think.
Life is winding down here in Denver, I have one last shift at UCH on Friday and my mom and I head out Wednesday, the 1st of October.
Not much happening these days, just wrapping up what I've made of life here and getting ready for returning home. I should be back to St. Mary's the week of the 6th, working the night shift still (long story). Hope to catch up with some of you by then.
I won't bore you with my babble this evening, hope you are all well.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Glenwood Springs (part 1)

Well, I'm back. It's been a while since I last posted, but I was waiting for something worthwhile to write about. I may have lost some of you but I'm hoping that you might find your way back to my blog and be surprised by my contribution this week.
Destination: Glenwood Springs
Location: about 200 miles west of Denver, in the heart of the Rockies
Reason: R & R, and to see some sights recommended by the locals (which are the best source of where to go and what to see).
I spent a day and a half (minus the 6 hours road time to get there and back) here. I hiked to Hanging Lake (see part 2 for a couple pictures) and got some good exercise. Had a very relaxing and quiet night at the B & B I stayed in, about 9 miles up one mountain, a ski resort in the winter. There was a hot tub on the patio and minimal people about. I enjoyed the silence. Today (the second day), I road a tram up a mountainside to an "adventure park", paid $20 to see inside a cave that was discovered in the late 1800s. It was an hour and 15 min tour, again, see part 2 for picture, and I saw some intriguing creations that the earth is responsible for. Then I treated myself to an "ultimate body treatment", which was fab! I got a full body scrub down then a massage and facial. I feel moisturized and relaxed, not much better than that! And here I am, back in my humble apartment, getting ready for bed.
Life is hard out here in Denver! Obviously! (c:
As a response to the comment made on my last entry by Julie, Steve and Sara... I am currently working out my return to saints. Although, I'm not positive of what shift I'll be returning to... So, mark your calendars, and prep yourself because my crazy ass will be back to work before you know it! tentatively, the 6th of October will be my first week back...but I haven't officially re-applied, waiting for more directions. Anyway, I wanted to give you an update, since you asked. There it is.
I start my last week of work at UCH on Sunday, and should be home in a couple weeks...crazy.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures from my trip...be well!

Glenwood Springs (part 2)

In no particular order....see captions for descriptions
This is the "fairy" caves in Glenwood Springs, apparently, the water drips through the middle (because those things hanging down are like straws and hollow in the center) then leaves deposits, which leave these things hanging down...I forget the name. There's quite a story with the whole cave but I'll spare you..it was beautiful and very interesting...ask me about it, if you're dying to know.
This is right after I finished my hike, I was following the path back to my car and I looked up...The clouds look sort of like a volcano erupting...and the sun was sparkling off the Colorado River (which is in the other pic I took...this one is better though)

The Eisenhower Tunnel...at 11,000 feet above sea level...it was cold too I had my windows down. I'm not sure the length of the tunnel, I'm guessing about a mile, there are many tunnels as you drive through the Rockies...I'm not sure why this one got named after the president...Don't ask me!
Part of Glenwood Canyon, I believe I read that this was the most expensive part of building the highway...they had to blast out the area for the roadway. The canyon is about 13 miles long and it's quit windy and encased in these rocks the entire length, then there's the Colorado River running next to the east bound side (I'm headed west in this picture).
My B & B....ha, just kiddin'! This was on my hike, I wonder if anyone lived there ever? I'm thinking "Into the Wild" or something, it was right by the runoff from the mountain, so you'd have water...
Just part of my drive to Glenwood Springs, you can see the snowcaps on the tallest peaks. Most of the other peaks are still green and some fall like, but at 11,000+ feet....it must be cold up there! There were mighty pretty for my drive.
Ahh, Hanging Lake...my destination for my hike. Just beautiful! I hiked up about 1.5 miles (and I consider myself in shape but this was a tough hike...rocks and branches...it was winding and steep...I passed many older folks as I was ascending and after I got half way and was drenched in sweat and huffing and puffing I had the same feeling of being passed in a road race by some old guy....jeez!) anyway, where was I...oh 1.5 miles up to this "cove". You can google hanging lake trail and click on images..you'll see the same ones. The water is that teal blue, no lie.
Here I am, proof that I did it and was there! It was a good hike and made me regret not doing more hiking while I was out here...I was looking around constantly for mountain lions and bears...I even kept saying things out loud..in case they were curious and I didn't see them!
A view from the top of the mountain, looking at Glenwood Springs...I road a tram up the mountainside for the cave tour (remember the first picture?) and they had a restaurant, and games up there.. great view.
Glamorous me! Just before the cave tour...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The last few weeks

Well, it's hard to believe for me (maybe not you), that my final weeks in Denver have begun. I'm down to 7 shifts at work (tonight being one) and I have only three more weekends left, including one with my mom. I have begun to say good bye at work, since we only work three shifts a week, I might not see some of them again before I leave.
I don't have time to type too much, I've just started having the mixed feelings of excitement to return home and sadness of leaving my Rocky Mountains. (c:
I must go off to work, I think I'll sign on again tomorrow and update...or maybe tonight at work. We'll see.
Until then.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cadillac Black Jack

Hello friends! I've returned to Denver, arrived a few hours ago. I have to work tonight, so I don't have time for a long posting just wanted to jump on say hello and post a few pictures from the wedding. I need to look through them for appropriateness since most of them are from getting dressed and Jules would probably hurt me if I posted any of her in her underwear...ha ha.
The wedding was beautiful, the reception was fun and it was good to be home and seeing everyone. Anyhoo, I'll post the pictures and maybe get a little more detailed in a later posting. For now, hasta luego!

Me, Sara and David with their girls Grace and Lauren

Jules in her dress from behind, my batteries died just after she got in her dress so Jenny G has all the best shots...if I can get her to email them to me...Jules was a beautiful bride

Down the head table at the reception, Jenny Gilbert is the red head and then you see Jules

This is a bit further into the evening, dancing was fun and the music was hot..this is Jules and Michelle..

That's all I have that I can post for now. Off to get ready for work I go... three more weeks!

Monday, September 1, 2008

And then there were three...

Greetings! It's Monday, Labor Day... Happy labor day to you...the "end" of summer, which maybe I get for kids going back to school (although, kids in Denver went back the first or second week of August) but for the rest of us...why does everyone preach this weekend as the end of the summer and the start of the fall? It's still warm, in fact I don't think the first day of fall is until October? No? Or is it Sept 21? Anyhoo, I'm just saying that I'm not sure why everyone is so quick to shut down the summer, I mean, I know it's been hot.... Just some food for thought there.
I've had a busy two weeks, having made the surprise visit to Michigan, I lost a weekend in Denver and have basically been working since I came back...minus Saturday (which I slept through half of since I worked Friday night) and Sunday. I did make a shopping trip yesterday, go a couple souvenirs picked up a few necessary items for my toiletries. (that sounds odd, to clarify, I bought some hair product and face powder) I also had a nice time at the movies, I saw Hamlet 2, which I dare say was hilarious! A bit odd, but if you know my taste in movies, you'll know I like the ones the critics don't always love. I was laughing pretty much the whole hour and a half. I don't know the main guy's name but he was funny! He carried that movie really well. So, if you want a good laugh, I'd say go see it. Don't go looking for any Oscar worthy performances, I'm not gonna say he was that good, but for a relaxing, don't have to think too hard movie, it's worth it.
Today is Labor day, I have been pretty chill in my apartment. I did some laundry, finished a book I started yesterday and read some homework. Now, it's nearing time to get ready for work and I'm trying to talk myself into going to the gym for a quick workout, instead of a nap. I slept late today so I think I'm rested. Ugh. sometimes working out is something I just don't like to do. I'll tell you, I am looking forward to the fall, when I can throw on my running shoes and hit the pavement anytime in the day. This hot weather does not go well with my running...I overheat immediately and have a really poor run and am miserable.
Well, I think I've bantered on long enough.... I simply wanted to get online, post a quick entry and get on with it. Who knew I could talk so much?! (c: Ha ha.
I'm working mon-wednesday then boarding a plane Thursday morning to head back to MI for Juli's wedding (thus the title of my entry...three days)! I'll see some of you soon, the rest of ya? Happy Labor day, happy "end of the summer" and welcome to September!

P.S. I have some plans for getting back into the Rockies when I get back...my hair stylist said the skiing starts in September....glad I packed jeans. I adore those mountains, they speak wonders and are so beautiful. I haven't had much to take pictures of lately, so that's why I'm writing less, figure everyday life is just that, and you can guess that I'm plugging away as usual. Be well.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guess who's back in town?

Hey all, late night greeting to y'all. I'm back in Denver, flight landed at a nice early time of 12:00 am Denver time...ugh. But I'm back settled into my little living space, unpacked my bags and am gonna read a bit more before hitting the hay. (I work the next three so I'm staying up late) I'm re-reading the 7th year Harry Potter book, slower this time, for the fun of it and to see if there are things I missed the first time through...I can't wait till that movie comes out which is now not until the summer of 09!!! WTF?
Busy day tomorrow before work, I pick up my now tailored bridesmaids dress, get a hair cut and brow wax right afterward and hopefully have a little time to grab a few groceries. Then off to work! I'm excited for Juli's wedding, it's only a week and a half away.
Well, not much to write, just wanted y'all to know I'm back in Denver. Watched Hillary's speech at the DNC on TV at the airport. It's all so motivating to hear them all yap on on screen. But what will they do if they are elected to office? How will they "put their money where their mouth is"? And how am I supposed to know? It's a lot to think about really...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Secret Weekend

Hey ya'll! Greetings from the weekend. I'm actually in Michigan! I know, I didn't say anything before but I was surprising my little sis Juli for her bachelorrette party. So, as hard as it was not to tell everyone on my blog that I was headed back home, the secret was kept, even by my mother! Juli was very surprised and the weekend was fun filled with camping, tubing down the Manisttee River and drinking beer! We got rained on in the beginning but it dried out and the sun was shining by the time we got on the water. It was a fun way to celebrate the end of Juli and David's singledom.
I'm hanging in Michigan until Tuesday evening when I fly back to Denver for 6 shifts then fly back to Michigan for the wedding. It's a lot of flying back and forth, but the tickets were cheap that I found for this weekend, and there's only one bachelorrette party for my little sis. It was well worth it!
Well, what else is new? How about Obama's choice for VP? Biden...anyone else see this as interesting? Not for any political issue but for the name? Obama Biden....hmmm. I was really hoping that Hillary would come out of nowhere and surprise us all! The DNC is ongoing back in Denver as I type, not that I planned on venturing downtown at all...but the hospital was all on alert, sending emails about being ready to come in in case of an emergency. Maybe I'll run into Obama at Target this week...he could shop there, you don't know! (c:
Well, sounds like Joc and I are going to head to Grand Haven for the day, she originally took a half day today but just extended it to a full day. So, we'll make the most of it!
It's really good to be back in my old stomping grounds, Cooper was excited to see me (and I her) and it's always nice to see my mom and sisters. All in all, another great weekend.
The air is a bit cooler, the sun is setting just a touch earlier, and I can tell that summer is making a slow exit. Hard to believe, but August is almost over!
Hope you all had a good weekend, I'll be seeing many of you in a couple weeks. Be well!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Airborne Toxic Event

Funny name for a band, I know but jeez, are they worth it to check out. If you like bands such as Dashboard Confessionals, Pearl Jam, or Glen Hansard (the dude from the movie Once) etc, you should check these guys out. Their songs tell stories, they have an eerie resonance that rings out in every one of their tracks. They are foot tapping, head rockin', jump around dancin' good. So far, my favorite song on the album is "sometime after midnight", it's a story pretty much everyone can relate to...l-o-v-e it. If you are a rock fan, you will not be disappointed by their tunes. They have a myspace page and are available on iTunes too. A fellow nurse at work turned me on to their CD last night at work and I bought it when I got home and haven't stopped listening to it and dancing around my apartment since I woke up. It's a CD you put on and keep re-playing until another band like this comes along. It moves me, obviously.
On another note, haven't been up to much this week, I did check out the Museum of History and Science on Monday. It was your average museum but they did have a whole section on dinosaurs and pre-historic stuff. They had fossils that were found in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming areas and that was pretty cool. To think, the dinos were roaming the same areas of Denver I am but that's probably true about the mid-west too, but it was interesting. I've been working the last couple nights, have tonight to go then off for a long weekend, a girl could get used to these weekends off!
Before I say adios, I want to also mention a book I've become absolutely in love with. It's laugh out loud funny and an interesting, attention grabbing story line. "The Spellman Files" by Lisa Lutz. It's a series about a PI family, the Spellmans, told from the older daughter, Izzy's perspective. I've been really enjoying it and don't want it to end. I literally laugh out loud numberous times in the book. And, there's a follow up out to it too, so I have big plans to get that one as well. Check it out if you liked books such as "Bridget Jones" and "The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing".
Ok, those are all the plugs I have for you. Have a good weekend!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crawl for Cancer

Well, Happy Sunday night all! I survived the weekend and boy did we have a good time! Maggie's co-workers in the outpatient cancer center at "the U" do an event know as "Crawl for Cancer" yearly. When I heard it was a pub crawl, I was all about it. It's actually a national event, and although Michigan doesn't have one, Chicago and Columbus do (Michelle, we'll chat about this sometime soon). Anyhoo, the basic premise is, you get a team of 10-12 people, pay the entry fee ($500 I believe) and on the day of, you start at 1pm at the designated bar, and at each bar your team is responsible for drinking 4 pitchers of beer (their choice..we got Coors Light). Anyhoo, the only real rules are that you start at 1pm and finish between 4 and 6 at the final place where there's live music, food and of course, more beer! There are also taxi vouchers that you get too, so there should be minimal drunk driving and a t-shirt. It was a blast, I'll tell you that.
We started at one of the gal's townhouse with breakfast and mimosas, just light drinking to rev ourselves up I guess! It was a steady downpour but ended up clearing up for most of the crawl. Then taxi'd downtown and got the first round. By the end, you're basically drunk and totally having a good time. I can honestly say I don't remember the last bar very well, except that I met some firefighters from somewhere in the Rockies (I think). I was flirting harmlessly and then we did some dancing inside to a live 80s band. Then Jonathan came and picked our drunk as*es up and I crashed.
We had fun, I'd say that if you ever get a chance to do this or are interested in it, do it! Get a group of friends and do it. (c: Chicago's is this weekend and Columbus does one in April...so expect a visit Michelle (c:
Well, I'm exhausted, have a cold and want to crawl into bed and sleep for a while. Hope everyone had a fun weekend, I can't believe August is two weeks from over! Jeez...time flies doesn't it?
I attached a few pictures, hope you enjoy
The Fluid Overloaders, just leaving our first pub...still sober (pretty much)...
At the second pub, Maggie and I grabbed a picture, she was already close to 3 sheets to the wind (she doesn't drink much anymore with the baby at home)
I'd let you guess but yes, Maggie is pretty toasted by this shot...I believe is our third or fourth bar, the groups were playing cups or something like that, where you line up with beer in your glass, you have to drink your's then flip your cup before the next guy can drink...it goes down the line until one team finishes first...Maggie became obsessed with the game, you can tell her excitement in this shot. I don't think she ever got to play, bummer!
This is at the fifth bar, The Celtic, one of our teammates who was responsible for getting our four pitchers knew the bartender, needless to say we had 8-12 pitchers between all of us ...I don't quite remember...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, almost.
I'm running late so this will be a quick hi and hello. Gonna work again tonight, then have the weekend off. It's official too, I extended my contract 1 whole week (c: to the end of September (so I can get the full housing stipend) and then head back to MI. So, my last day/night of work is Sept. 27th. I gave my apartment their ridiculous request of 60 days notice and will turn over my keys on the 1st of October, hit the road and hope to make it home in a day and a half....we'll see. But, that's all about a month or so away, so I need to focus on getting some of my day excursions done. Next on my list is that dog gone trip south to the Gorge and the Springs to take the cog to the top of Pike's Peak. I'm ironing out my details and should be headed there after Juli and David's wedding.
I need to get in the shower, so this is all I have time for today, gonna be a cool high 60s tomorrow, I'm so looking forward to that. Makes for great sleeping weather and running too!
Maggie is taking me on a Pub crawl Saturday, which I'm looking forward to a lot..it's a cancer raising drinking thing...I guess instead of Cancer walks and runs they do pub crawls...interesting (c: but definitely my kind of thing.
Hopefully I get some good pics of our day, talk to you all soon.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Too many to choose...

Here are just a few more shots from the weekend...Start by reading the earlier post then come back to this one...there are only pictures here...

Looking good! The wetsuit, boots and jacket that come with the WWR...and it smelled pretty musty and BO-ey too..yum!
Joc didn't want to look like a banana like me until she absolutely had to...just a shot before we risked our necks!
A Lake about 4 miles from the summit of Mount Evans..pretty (yeah, that's snow)

Me at the summit..not too much going on here..Oh yeah baby! One more WWR shot. hard to believe you are just sort of out there for the water to get you, holding on by your feet and praying you don't fall in...we definitely got wet.