Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guess who's back in town?

Hey all, late night greeting to y'all. I'm back in Denver, flight landed at a nice early time of 12:00 am Denver time...ugh. But I'm back settled into my little living space, unpacked my bags and am gonna read a bit more before hitting the hay. (I work the next three so I'm staying up late) I'm re-reading the 7th year Harry Potter book, slower this time, for the fun of it and to see if there are things I missed the first time through...I can't wait till that movie comes out which is now not until the summer of 09!!! WTF?
Busy day tomorrow before work, I pick up my now tailored bridesmaids dress, get a hair cut and brow wax right afterward and hopefully have a little time to grab a few groceries. Then off to work! I'm excited for Juli's wedding, it's only a week and a half away.
Well, not much to write, just wanted y'all to know I'm back in Denver. Watched Hillary's speech at the DNC on TV at the airport. It's all so motivating to hear them all yap on on screen. But what will they do if they are elected to office? How will they "put their money where their mouth is"? And how am I supposed to know? It's a lot to think about really...

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