Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Gator Alley

Well, we made it there and back! I know you were all terribly concerned. No delays, no issues getting out of Grand Rapids or Detroit airports and no delays coming home. Florida was wonderful and warm and just plain ol' fab. We had temps in the 80s every day we were there, we laid by the pool, swam in the pool, went to the Gulf (too cold to swim in but some people were swimming), ate lots of good food, hung out with Joc's fam and went down gator road. I took other photos but they aren't nearly as cool as the gators! We must have seen about 100 of em just lounging around, soaking up the sun or floating down the "river". It was neat.
It didn't feel like Christmas too much, what with the warm weather and no snow, but I'm not complaining. It was a blast. Makes me wonder why we all don't move south for the winter? I even managed to get a slight tan! Swell, just swell!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Santa, No more snow!!

It seems it has been snowing since Friday. Ugh.
We fly out to Florida tomorrow at 630 am, it better not be canceled!!
Happy and safe holidays to all! Stay warm and have a great Christmas.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Where's that snowblower when I need it!

Is it too late to buy a snowblower???!!! We got about a foot of snow over night and throughout this morning...so I, being the good housewife, set out to shovel the drive. What a mistake! It took me 3 hours to shovel half the driveway and I had to stop to eat and warm up. I was miserable, my back is killing me and I am so not in the mood to go finish off the job. UGH! Joc and I have been talking about buying a new fridge, today I say, F it! I'd rather have a snowblower, although at this point it wouldn't do much to help. Sigh!
Who misses living in MI again?
More snow next week, can't wait! (c:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the no's have it

Well, I haven't gotten the official word yet but it has been over a week since my interview and no calls. Soooo, I'm assuming it's a no. I called the HR gal at GRCC today and left a message but I'm pretty sure they would have called by now if they wanted me. Alas, life goes on for me. Politics and emotions are running high at work these days leading up to our impending move to a new building and I'm feeling a bit depressed about it all. I'm truly beginning to dislike my place of work more and more, all the rumors running amuke and things we hear about assignments and changes being made by "leadership". Woes about budgets and staffing etc, it's unbelievable. I'm about to my breaking point, about. I'd like to say I have a day position to start in the next couple months but you can't get anyone nailed down on anything around there and if we're talking seniority I'm 4th on the list...yup, 4th. Ask me if I regret leaving to travel now...UGH! Can I just say I'm glad I have a back up plan (my masters) to fall back on in the near future if this doesn't work out well for me.
If I hear differently from GRCC I will definitely post it here but if not, you can assume with me that I'll have to hold out for the next open position that might open a crack in the door that my size 12 will fit into. Keep your ears peeled and eyes open for me!
Caption for picture: Me and my nephew Lucas when he was just a newborn babe! I've been browsing my old photos recently. Hard to believe that little sleepy guy is the same one you can't keep in one place now! Love him, love it!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Picture of the Day

An old shot of me in the GAP in Chicago, I'm guessing from the date it was three years ago.
Happy Thursday all!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lady in waiting

Had my interview with GRCC Monday, now I wait to see if they like me... It feels like forever but they are supposed to be deciding by the end of the week. Sighhhhh.
I'll let you know when I hear.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Where's my soapbox...ahh, here it is!

Why do we waste our time on Grey's Anatomy? Why is Izzie sleeping with a dead person, still, shouldn't that have ended after one episode, or maybe two? Why does she think the sex is so great? He's dead, there's no one there so who in God's name is she having such great sex with? I know it isn't herself, I mean come on, no one is that good at masturbating. What's with that? It's no longer a good plot line, it's simply creepy if you ask me. Why do they always, always, always have to have sex with each other, none of them can have a relationship outside of their circle? Why can't they include nurses, who says nurses couldn't produce a good storyline other than sex with a doctor? Why can't any of them admit they are horrible residents who don't teach their interns shit which is why they resorted to surgery on one another? Do you realize that these interns have less responsibility than a med student in real life? That's f-ed up. The whole show is just f-ed, it's all about a good storyline and you know what, it creates such falsehoods. Do you realize the save rate on these medical shows is nearly 100%, do you know in reality I'd say as many people die that are saved on the show. So if in one show of Grey's, three patients are saved and one dies in real life it would be the opposite: one person would live and three would die. Not to mention the person who lived might have brain damage or be in the ICU for a long time and recover slowly.
I had a patient the other night who arrested at home, his heart stopped, despite 4 hours of CPR and medical intervention he died. Before he died, I was in the room and his son was at his bedside and do you know what he said, "on TV, they always look like this and then they get better, I think if we wait he'll get better." WHAT, on TV, this is reality man???!!! And he believed it, I could tell. And he was an adult, he wasn't a teenager or even 21 no he was older than me. I know about coping mechanisms and unrealistic expectations but I really do think TV shows create these unrealistic scenarios and non-medical people truly believe they are real. I want a disclaimer, maybe that would help. I want something at the beginning and end of the shows that says, "The stories presented here are by no means realistic or based on true events, these are fabrications that are dramatized for entertainment purposes." The sad thing is, it still wouldn't matter.
Jeez. And! I really don't know why I keep watching it, I think it might be because I'm waiting for them to redeem themselves somehow, medically. I'm hoping that one day, some Thursday night, they will show a semi-real scenario that I can say, "hmm, that's almost realistic". It infuriates me that I hold out for that, I waste these hours of my week, waiting for Hollywood to redeem itself. Dream on. I just can't quit you Grey's!

Okay, I'm stepping down from my soapbox now.