Tuesday, December 16, 2008

And the no's have it

Well, I haven't gotten the official word yet but it has been over a week since my interview and no calls. Soooo, I'm assuming it's a no. I called the HR gal at GRCC today and left a message but I'm pretty sure they would have called by now if they wanted me. Alas, life goes on for me. Politics and emotions are running high at work these days leading up to our impending move to a new building and I'm feeling a bit depressed about it all. I'm truly beginning to dislike my place of work more and more, all the rumors running amuke and things we hear about assignments and changes being made by "leadership". Woes about budgets and staffing etc, it's unbelievable. I'm about to my breaking point, about. I'd like to say I have a day position to start in the next couple months but you can't get anyone nailed down on anything around there and if we're talking seniority I'm 4th on the list...yup, 4th. Ask me if I regret leaving to travel now...UGH! Can I just say I'm glad I have a back up plan (my masters) to fall back on in the near future if this doesn't work out well for me.
If I hear differently from GRCC I will definitely post it here but if not, you can assume with me that I'll have to hold out for the next open position that might open a crack in the door that my size 12 will fit into. Keep your ears peeled and eyes open for me!
Caption for picture: Me and my nephew Lucas when he was just a newborn babe! I've been browsing my old photos recently. Hard to believe that little sleepy guy is the same one you can't keep in one place now! Love him, love it!


mommy nurse said...

bummer about the job! Hopefully the rumors will stop once you set foot in the new joint! I'm sure it will all work out!

Amy Starkey said...

that sucks woman! completely their loss if they don't hire you. the right thing will come along when it's supposed to! hope things are going well other than work stuff...sending out your xmas gift this week...i'm just slow...hopefully it'll get there before next thursday! love ya! amy