Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh Pat!

My mother has joined me in Colorado, we've had some good times. I wanted to post a write-up about our trips and get some pics online.
She came in Saturday, we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park and watched some elk grazing and "bugling" and getting a bit close for comfort to the people. It was a pretty cool thing to watch. Sunday we headed south of Denver, to the Royal Gorge where we rode a train that runs through the gorge, under the world's tallest suspension bridge. We then drove up to the bridge, paid way too much money to be able to walk across the bridge (it's HIGH! and there were people bungie jumping and base jumping off it..insane!). We crashed in Manitou Springs for the night and today we rode a cog (train) up to 14,100 feet above sea level to Pike's Peak. It was a nice ride, nice view and cold. Then we hit up the Garden of the Gods...which was also very beautiful. It's sort of a geological and historical area because the rocks have been moved to a vertical position. The park was free for us and we tooled around a bit, hiked some and took some pics. The rocks are very red too, similar to Red Rocks outside of Denver. It's from the evolutionary process and the layers of earth as time evolved and the earth changed. Picturesque and fun. Now, we are back in Denver. Tuesday (that's tomorrow), we will pack up my apartment, do some cleaning and chill. We pack the car Wednesday morning and as Willie Nelson says it best, we'll be "on the road again". I'll upload some pics from our trips. Hope to post once or twice more on my blog and then I haven't decided what to do with it. Hang around.

This place was really we are at the entrance

The Kissing Camels. do you see them at the top of the pic? the two rocks touching each other, looks like they are smooching...

These are known as the Siamese twins with mom in the middle...

The Royal Gorge train, just after a guy took this pic, the conductor came and told him people aren't allowed on the tracks...opps! at least we got our picture in! (c:

Me in the Garden, I hiked up some rocks, Mom eventually followed and then we sat and looked out for a bit, it was a great spot

At the entrance to the park..look familiar? Joc and I took the same pic at the start of my it all comes full circle...

The elk were roaming around, I have lots of pictures of this guy, he was bellowing, or bugling as they call it, at his women at this point. Mom and I were in the road, at one point earlier we walked through the crowd of people...mighty beasts they are

Us on the cog to the summit of Pike's Peak...3 hours round trip ride...

At the summit. It was chilly, like 30 degrees brr!

On Pike's Peak, looking Northwest (they say on a clear day you can see Denver's skyline but it wasn't clear enough for us)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Oh, man! Did anyone watch fall premieres last night? No, Yes? Well, I just watched a couple online. Grey's Anatomy ticked me off, please, tell me you don't believe that's what hospital employement is really about, I ask myself repeatedly while watching why the hell I'm watching it. All I can yell out is, "that's not how it is!" or "whatever, where the hell are the nurses?!"
ER made up for it, I'd watch that show 20 times over grey's, I mean, it's not the most accurate but for some reason I'm more committed to the drama on ER than Grey's, I mean, did you watch it? OMG, Dr. Pratt died and it wasn't a "go peacefully into the night" kind of death, but lots of ups and downs, one moment he's fine and talking then next they are traching him with an IV tubing (ok, that's about as believable as Grey's whole storyline but still). I shed a few tears for Pratt, I always liked his character.
The best, the greatest of all was the Office. OMG, I laughed so hard and often (almost as often as in the Palin v. Hillary SNL skit). Michael is the funniest and crudest and most obnoxious boss and I L-O-V-E him! Oh yes, and how can we forget that Jim finally proposed to Pam! Jeez, what a dork, it took him long enough. Can I just say Dwight is my favorite. A very good showing I must say.
Anyhoo. That's all. I'm going to add the link to the SNL skit from their premiere of "Palin and Hillary" addressing the nation. It's five minutes, take the time to watch it if you haven't already.
Peace out!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't talk to me like you know me! You don't know me!

Well, I went to the 16th St. Mall yesterday, it's an all pedestrian shopping area. I was searching for some things I need before I leave. There's not major department stores really, just a lot of restaurants and touristy places.

Maggie, Jonathan, Joseph and I went to the Italian fest last weekend, ate lots of good food and hung out for a bit in the hot sun. It was fun to "experience" the Italian culture.

Other than this, I'm a boring person, so I won't continue to bore. Just grocery shopping today for food for the trip and probably doing some homework. Maybe I'll go to the pool since it's still open here and work on my tan (it's been awhile actually).
Hope this finds you all well! See you soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ah, life!

Well, here I am chillin' in my quaint apartment, just finished my laundry and am contemplating what to do with my evening. It's stayed pretty warm around here, up into the low 80s today, 70s the rest of the week. I'm so ready for fall. In Glenwood Springs it felt more fall-like, but still warm. I'd like to go for a run this evening, need to give it another hour to cool off a bit I think.
Life is winding down here in Denver, I have one last shift at UCH on Friday and my mom and I head out Wednesday, the 1st of October.
Not much happening these days, just wrapping up what I've made of life here and getting ready for returning home. I should be back to St. Mary's the week of the 6th, working the night shift still (long story). Hope to catch up with some of you by then.
I won't bore you with my babble this evening, hope you are all well.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Glenwood Springs (part 1)

Well, I'm back. It's been a while since I last posted, but I was waiting for something worthwhile to write about. I may have lost some of you but I'm hoping that you might find your way back to my blog and be surprised by my contribution this week.
Destination: Glenwood Springs
Location: about 200 miles west of Denver, in the heart of the Rockies
Reason: R & R, and to see some sights recommended by the locals (which are the best source of where to go and what to see).
I spent a day and a half (minus the 6 hours road time to get there and back) here. I hiked to Hanging Lake (see part 2 for a couple pictures) and got some good exercise. Had a very relaxing and quiet night at the B & B I stayed in, about 9 miles up one mountain, a ski resort in the winter. There was a hot tub on the patio and minimal people about. I enjoyed the silence. Today (the second day), I road a tram up a mountainside to an "adventure park", paid $20 to see inside a cave that was discovered in the late 1800s. It was an hour and 15 min tour, again, see part 2 for picture, and I saw some intriguing creations that the earth is responsible for. Then I treated myself to an "ultimate body treatment", which was fab! I got a full body scrub down then a massage and facial. I feel moisturized and relaxed, not much better than that! And here I am, back in my humble apartment, getting ready for bed.
Life is hard out here in Denver! Obviously! (c:
As a response to the comment made on my last entry by Julie, Steve and Sara... I am currently working out my return to saints. Although, I'm not positive of what shift I'll be returning to... So, mark your calendars, and prep yourself because my crazy ass will be back to work before you know it! tentatively, the 6th of October will be my first week back...but I haven't officially re-applied, waiting for more directions. Anyway, I wanted to give you an update, since you asked. There it is.
I start my last week of work at UCH on Sunday, and should be home in a couple weeks...crazy.
Anyway, enjoy the pictures from my well!

Glenwood Springs (part 2)

In no particular order....see captions for descriptions
This is the "fairy" caves in Glenwood Springs, apparently, the water drips through the middle (because those things hanging down are like straws and hollow in the center) then leaves deposits, which leave these things hanging down...I forget the name. There's quite a story with the whole cave but I'll spare was beautiful and very interesting...ask me about it, if you're dying to know.
This is right after I finished my hike, I was following the path back to my car and I looked up...The clouds look sort of like a volcano erupting...and the sun was sparkling off the Colorado River (which is in the other pic I took...this one is better though)

The Eisenhower 11,000 feet above sea was cold too I had my windows down. I'm not sure the length of the tunnel, I'm guessing about a mile, there are many tunnels as you drive through the Rockies...I'm not sure why this one got named after the president...Don't ask me!
Part of Glenwood Canyon, I believe I read that this was the most expensive part of building the highway...they had to blast out the area for the roadway. The canyon is about 13 miles long and it's quit windy and encased in these rocks the entire length, then there's the Colorado River running next to the east bound side (I'm headed west in this picture).
My B & B....ha, just kiddin'! This was on my hike, I wonder if anyone lived there ever? I'm thinking "Into the Wild" or something, it was right by the runoff from the mountain, so you'd have water...
Just part of my drive to Glenwood Springs, you can see the snowcaps on the tallest peaks. Most of the other peaks are still green and some fall like, but at 11,000+ must be cold up there! There were mighty pretty for my drive.
Ahh, Hanging destination for my hike. Just beautiful! I hiked up about 1.5 miles (and I consider myself in shape but this was a tough and was winding and steep...I passed many older folks as I was ascending and after I got half way and was drenched in sweat and huffing and puffing I had the same feeling of being passed in a road race by some old guy....jeez!) anyway, where was I...oh 1.5 miles up to this "cove". You can google hanging lake trail and click on'll see the same ones. The water is that teal blue, no lie.
Here I am, proof that I did it and was there! It was a good hike and made me regret not doing more hiking while I was out here...I was looking around constantly for mountain lions and bears...I even kept saying things out case they were curious and I didn't see them!
A view from the top of the mountain, looking at Glenwood Springs...I road a tram up the mountainside for the cave tour (remember the first picture?) and they had a restaurant, and games up there.. great view.
Glamorous me! Just before the cave tour...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The last few weeks

Well, it's hard to believe for me (maybe not you), that my final weeks in Denver have begun. I'm down to 7 shifts at work (tonight being one) and I have only three more weekends left, including one with my mom. I have begun to say good bye at work, since we only work three shifts a week, I might not see some of them again before I leave.
I don't have time to type too much, I've just started having the mixed feelings of excitement to return home and sadness of leaving my Rocky Mountains. (c:
I must go off to work, I think I'll sign on again tomorrow and update...or maybe tonight at work. We'll see.
Until then.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cadillac Black Jack

Hello friends! I've returned to Denver, arrived a few hours ago. I have to work tonight, so I don't have time for a long posting just wanted to jump on say hello and post a few pictures from the wedding. I need to look through them for appropriateness since most of them are from getting dressed and Jules would probably hurt me if I posted any of her in her underwear...ha ha.
The wedding was beautiful, the reception was fun and it was good to be home and seeing everyone. Anyhoo, I'll post the pictures and maybe get a little more detailed in a later posting. For now, hasta luego!

Me, Sara and David with their girls Grace and Lauren

Jules in her dress from behind, my batteries died just after she got in her dress so Jenny G has all the best shots...if I can get her to email them to me...Jules was a beautiful bride

Down the head table at the reception, Jenny Gilbert is the red head and then you see Jules

This is a bit further into the evening, dancing was fun and the music was hot..this is Jules and Michelle..

That's all I have that I can post for now. Off to get ready for work I go... three more weeks!

Monday, September 1, 2008

And then there were three...

Greetings! It's Monday, Labor Day... Happy labor day to you...the "end" of summer, which maybe I get for kids going back to school (although, kids in Denver went back the first or second week of August) but for the rest of us...why does everyone preach this weekend as the end of the summer and the start of the fall? It's still warm, in fact I don't think the first day of fall is until October? No? Or is it Sept 21? Anyhoo, I'm just saying that I'm not sure why everyone is so quick to shut down the summer, I mean, I know it's been hot.... Just some food for thought there.
I've had a busy two weeks, having made the surprise visit to Michigan, I lost a weekend in Denver and have basically been working since I came back...minus Saturday (which I slept through half of since I worked Friday night) and Sunday. I did make a shopping trip yesterday, go a couple souvenirs picked up a few necessary items for my toiletries. (that sounds odd, to clarify, I bought some hair product and face powder) I also had a nice time at the movies, I saw Hamlet 2, which I dare say was hilarious! A bit odd, but if you know my taste in movies, you'll know I like the ones the critics don't always love. I was laughing pretty much the whole hour and a half. I don't know the main guy's name but he was funny! He carried that movie really well. So, if you want a good laugh, I'd say go see it. Don't go looking for any Oscar worthy performances, I'm not gonna say he was that good, but for a relaxing, don't have to think too hard movie, it's worth it.
Today is Labor day, I have been pretty chill in my apartment. I did some laundry, finished a book I started yesterday and read some homework. Now, it's nearing time to get ready for work and I'm trying to talk myself into going to the gym for a quick workout, instead of a nap. I slept late today so I think I'm rested. Ugh. sometimes working out is something I just don't like to do. I'll tell you, I am looking forward to the fall, when I can throw on my running shoes and hit the pavement anytime in the day. This hot weather does not go well with my running...I overheat immediately and have a really poor run and am miserable.
Well, I think I've bantered on long enough.... I simply wanted to get online, post a quick entry and get on with it. Who knew I could talk so much?! (c: Ha ha.
I'm working mon-wednesday then boarding a plane Thursday morning to head back to MI for Juli's wedding (thus the title of my entry...three days)! I'll see some of you soon, the rest of ya? Happy Labor day, happy "end of the summer" and welcome to September!

P.S. I have some plans for getting back into the Rockies when I get hair stylist said the skiing starts in September....glad I packed jeans. I adore those mountains, they speak wonders and are so beautiful. I haven't had much to take pictures of lately, so that's why I'm writing less, figure everyday life is just that, and you can guess that I'm plugging away as usual. Be well.