Thursday, September 11, 2008

The last few weeks

Well, it's hard to believe for me (maybe not you), that my final weeks in Denver have begun. I'm down to 7 shifts at work (tonight being one) and I have only three more weekends left, including one with my mom. I have begun to say good bye at work, since we only work three shifts a week, I might not see some of them again before I leave.
I don't have time to type too much, I've just started having the mixed feelings of excitement to return home and sadness of leaving my Rocky Mountains. (c:
I must go off to work, I think I'll sign on again tomorrow and update...or maybe tonight at work. We'll see.
Until then.

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Julie said...

Hey hey, Julie, Steve, and I (Sara) are at work, just chatting away about how much we miss you!!! Steve regrets not replying to some of your funny stuff you have on here, and so do I, we just don't take the time to log in I guess....and that's our sad excuse. We can't wait for your return, and we need a date so we can start our countdown til you're home!! :) Julie said absolutely no second thoughts about coming home, you can view your rocky mountains on pictures. And beside, my comment to that is, who in the hell wants to be trapped in all that snow they're about to get....MI is bad enough, let's be honest. We LOVE YOU AND NEED YOU HERE W/ US!! I haven't even had to go to nights yet, and probably won't have to at all, so get your sorry ass home so you can be in charge when we're working. Lots of hugs, Julie, Steve, and Sara