Thursday, September 25, 2008

Don't talk to me like you know me! You don't know me!

Well, I went to the 16th St. Mall yesterday, it's an all pedestrian shopping area. I was searching for some things I need before I leave. There's not major department stores really, just a lot of restaurants and touristy places.

Maggie, Jonathan, Joseph and I went to the Italian fest last weekend, ate lots of good food and hung out for a bit in the hot sun. It was fun to "experience" the Italian culture.

Other than this, I'm a boring person, so I won't continue to bore. Just grocery shopping today for food for the trip and probably doing some homework. Maybe I'll go to the pool since it's still open here and work on my tan (it's been awhile actually).
Hope this finds you all well! See you soon.


mommy nurse said...

It looks like you are having a great time on your traveling assignment. I'm sure St's will be glad to have you back! Let us know when you want to come to the next AACN stuff!!

Jenn's Adventure said...

I went to your blog, very amusing! and found the sinus arrhythmia blog...hilarious! I added it to my blog list. I love it.
See you soon.