Saturday, September 20, 2008

Glenwood Springs (part 2)

In no particular order....see captions for descriptions
This is the "fairy" caves in Glenwood Springs, apparently, the water drips through the middle (because those things hanging down are like straws and hollow in the center) then leaves deposits, which leave these things hanging down...I forget the name. There's quite a story with the whole cave but I'll spare was beautiful and very interesting...ask me about it, if you're dying to know.
This is right after I finished my hike, I was following the path back to my car and I looked up...The clouds look sort of like a volcano erupting...and the sun was sparkling off the Colorado River (which is in the other pic I took...this one is better though)

The Eisenhower 11,000 feet above sea was cold too I had my windows down. I'm not sure the length of the tunnel, I'm guessing about a mile, there are many tunnels as you drive through the Rockies...I'm not sure why this one got named after the president...Don't ask me!
Part of Glenwood Canyon, I believe I read that this was the most expensive part of building the highway...they had to blast out the area for the roadway. The canyon is about 13 miles long and it's quit windy and encased in these rocks the entire length, then there's the Colorado River running next to the east bound side (I'm headed west in this picture).
My B & B....ha, just kiddin'! This was on my hike, I wonder if anyone lived there ever? I'm thinking "Into the Wild" or something, it was right by the runoff from the mountain, so you'd have water...
Just part of my drive to Glenwood Springs, you can see the snowcaps on the tallest peaks. Most of the other peaks are still green and some fall like, but at 11,000+ must be cold up there! There were mighty pretty for my drive.
Ahh, Hanging destination for my hike. Just beautiful! I hiked up about 1.5 miles (and I consider myself in shape but this was a tough and was winding and steep...I passed many older folks as I was ascending and after I got half way and was drenched in sweat and huffing and puffing I had the same feeling of being passed in a road race by some old guy....jeez!) anyway, where was I...oh 1.5 miles up to this "cove". You can google hanging lake trail and click on'll see the same ones. The water is that teal blue, no lie.
Here I am, proof that I did it and was there! It was a good hike and made me regret not doing more hiking while I was out here...I was looking around constantly for mountain lions and bears...I even kept saying things out case they were curious and I didn't see them!
A view from the top of the mountain, looking at Glenwood Springs...I road a tram up the mountainside for the cave tour (remember the first picture?) and they had a restaurant, and games up there.. great view.
Glamorous me! Just before the cave tour...

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Jocelyn said...

Those pictures are amazing. The water is so clear at Hanging Lakes that you can see the bottom even in your pictures. I'm glad you were able to go see all the beauty. Sounds like you had a great time. I also noticed on the next blog you are standing in front of a sign that posts which way to walk to see the "Dead Horse." What's that about? That's as bad as our drive out to CO when we saw the signs titled "Attractions" with nothing listed below. To each their own, I suppose. I noticed you didn't post pictures of the big tree that fell on our house here in GR. Seems a little more exciting than walks that lead to dead horses!