Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mass exodus

The move is complete, we occupy a new unit and last night I walked through the old unit and it was eerie. As I talked to a fellow employee they compared what remains as a "mass exodus", nurse assignments remain on the marker boards, there are drink cups left behind, drawers are opened (from cleaning out) and it truly did appear that there was a disaster, that everyone and everything that could be grabbed and taken were and everyone ran. The silence is awkward and I looked in every room just making sure no one got left behind. Eerie.
On another dark note, today is the one year anniversary of the death of a co-worker, most of you who still read my blog did not know her. It was one of the hardest shifts of my career, probably will always be one of the hardest. I don't write this for pity or condolences, I did not know her as well as I would have liked, but to arrive at her bedside when her heart stopped and to have the realization that she was not going to survive was a very hard place to be. I have seen many deaths, participated in many codes in my short career, but this code will always occupy my mind and heart. It took me a long time to get passed the day, and I look back today with remembrance of the shift. I remember her today...