Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Netflix, damn you!  You are the bane of my vacation, the time sucker of my life!  Ugh.  I knew it was a bad idea to enter into this one month "free" trial. Grrr.
It all started when I scrolled through the "Shows you might like" part and watched the 1st episode to a show and then I was like, "sure, why not another" and before I knew it, I was hooked!  The instant gratification of Netflix and 3 full seasons of a show with 23 episodes each at 45 minutes in length.. you do the math.  This need to watch drove me crazy but I knew I just needed to push through and finish it. Then I realized, the show isn't even over.  There's a 4th season on TV now, oh blessed be!  Can I get no reprieve?  Now I have to pretend to wait patiently for this show to play on live TV (of all things!!) instead of being able to click and watch instantly.  It reminds me of Harry Potter and when I started reading that obsessively up to book 5, then I had to wait with the rest of the world for each subsequent book to be published.   It's just rude, that's what that is.
The only positives coming from this craziness are the songs I'm hearing, I've found about 10 new artists that I don't think I would have found if I hadn't heard them in this show.
What show you are asking, it's borderline embarrassing really, it's what my mother would call juvenile and the acting is generally mediocre at best.  It's a RomCom and I'm a bit of a sucker for a good love triangle... Hart of Dixie.  There I'm out, I've come clean!  Now you know, I'm obsessed with this show, it's kooky characters and knowing how it will all end.