Thursday, February 23, 2012

A break in my week

I'm home today from work because Jocelyn is out of town for work and Thursdays are her day with patrick.  So, I'm lucky enough to be home with him instead.
Planning to laugh, clap, wave and babble with him all freakin' day.  And I'm gonna love it!  I find him highly amusing these days.  If you hold up a toy and say, "ball" for example, he'll look at you like, "what?" then I keep saying it and eventually he says, "blah" after I say, "ball".  Before you get all excited that he's speaking, he says "blah" after I say, "duck" "train" "sock"... you get the picture.  But it's fun to hear him trying... His newest accomplishment is waving, it took him weeks of study and observation but finally he raised his meaty little arm last week and waved!  The joy!! (c:  He's also pushing up to his hands and knees... but only for short bursts... as we aren't keen on him crawling just yet.  He already rolls around like a pro, can't imagine when he starts crawling.
p.s. You all know about the Patrick blog, right?  That's why I don't update this blog with Patrick details too often.  If you want videos/pictures, check it out.  (The link is in my list of blogs- Patrick Jude)

A work update: (You're curious, right?)
Honestly, most days I don't like my job.  I like parts of my job but not most of it.  I love the people, the place, the idea of my job, but the actual job- not so much.  I randomly got an email from an old professor (Sister Linda my UDM friends) with a request for a policy from the hospital.  I had recently heard a rumor that the chair of the Grand Rapids UDM program was "asked/told" to step down by the new nursing Dean from the Detroit campus. (ABOUT FREAKIN TIME, right my UDM alumni friends?!).  Since I had such a great (read with sarcasm) interview for a job with UDM post graduate school I had vowed to never work for UDM as long as that person was chair.  SO! This rumor was really great news for me... anyway.  I asked Sister Linda about this rumor and she responded right back with- "Yes, she is stepping down from chair.  You should send me your updated CV and coverletter."  SWEET!!  I then ran into Sister Linda (well she wanted to meet Patrick, so it was sort of planned) at church the next Sunday, where she gave me more good news- another professor was going to another program, closer to her home... opening a med/surg teaching spot.  She said, "The Detroit dean is coming to Grand Rapids Wednesday, it'd be good if you sent me your CV prior to that." So, I did.  And now, I wait.  Sister Linda also said she'd been offered the chair position... what a change from the previous chair...
I'm not sure what I'll do, how I'd do it, what would happen or if I'd leave my job completely.  I miss the bedside dearly, and the team I worked with.  But I want to get back to the classroom too.  I'm hoping and praying something works out for me in the next year.
Fingers crossed.