Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The lasts

We put up our Christmas decorations over the past weekend. As we were erecting our fake tree (because it's cleaner, cheaper and easier than a real one) I said to Joc, "Do you realize this is our last Christmas with just us, for like at least 18 years, probably longer." We just sort of looked at each other and realized what that meant to each of us. I know things are going to change, dramatically, but we'll be the same people... right? I got to thinking, how many other "lasts" are we going to have over the next 7 months?
Last travels with the only hassle being the dog and what to do with her, last evenings out doing whatever without childcare planned, last days "off" with nothing to do... I could probably make quite a list. But I won't.
This is scary. It's nerve wracking and unclear. It's going to be hard, but I've done hard before. It's gonna be fun and I love fun. It's gonna be like nothing we can even imagine.