Friday, December 19, 2008

Where's that snowblower when I need it!

Is it too late to buy a snowblower???!!! We got about a foot of snow over night and throughout this I, being the good housewife, set out to shovel the drive. What a mistake! It took me 3 hours to shovel half the driveway and I had to stop to eat and warm up. I was miserable, my back is killing me and I am so not in the mood to go finish off the job. UGH! Joc and I have been talking about buying a new fridge, today I say, F it! I'd rather have a snowblower, although at this point it wouldn't do much to help. Sigh!
Who misses living in MI again?
More snow next week, can't wait! (c:


Amy Starkey said...

you know you love to shovel! hehe...i have to say i thought it'd be weird being down here at christmas, but the 70+ degree weather we've been having vs. the cold and snow you guys have is making me enjoy christmas in the south! try not to work too hard.

ps...i like the new siding, it looks good.

Jennifer said...

So... it's snowing again now. How is that driveway treating you? My car is currently stuck in the alley behind my house and most likly be there until spring.