Monday, August 4, 2008

Hotter than the dickens!

What exactly is a dickens anyway? People say that and I don't think they know. Ya know? Like me, for example, I don't know. They say, "it's raining cats and dogs", now what does that mean?! If it were raining cats and dogs, people couldn't go outside at all, for fear of being clobbered by one. Truly interesting if you ask me, which you didn't, but you got my 2 cents anyway.
It has been warm here, Denver broke the record for the number of days in the 90s, I think it was 20 or something like that. It even reached 100 over the weekend, now that's just too dog-gone hot for me! Bring on the snow, bring on the rain, bring on the fall, just cool off a bit, that's all I ask! Ha, I'm a bit crazy today, obviously.
I have the worst pool luck it seems, I also have bad luck on the radio when I channel surf (which I do a ton of, ask Michelle or Joc they love it!) and I get to a song I like, it's inevitable that it will be ending as I find it, just my curse. The curse of Jenn Gable is what I call it. Well, it's now spilled over to the pool and the weather. All I'm asking is for a good couple hours in the sun so I can get rid of my farmer's tan for Juli's wedding. Every time, and I mean every time, I go out to the pool the sun is out, I set up my towel and I get all situated. It's great, I'm feeling the heat, the sun is cooking my skin (I know, I know, the skin cancer thing...I just really enjoy the look of a tanned bod) and then the clouds show up. They cover my sun! They inhibit my cooking. Today, was the worst, I was just dozing when it got quite gray out and I started to feel raindrops! For pete's sake! I can't get an hour of sun! So, I packed it up, cuz the rain cloud looked large and unfriendly, went back to my apartment and like a good student, started working on this week's assignment. Next thing I know, maybe 15 mins later, the freakin' sun is out!!! OMG! WTF?! lord have mercy! I give up!
The good news I suppose is that I finished my homework for this week, what a good dubbie I am! I have my dress fitting tomorrow and then I work for a stretch, then Joc arrives Friday. I have a good list of things we'll be doing too, including white water rafting! So, stay tuned for those pictures.
Oh, and my trip south to the Springs was not eventful at all. It was a one year old bday party for a kid I met once. I was invited, and there was free food, but we got there around 130, left around 6...I couldn't bring my bike, it's a long story. So, I'll be making a separate trip down another time. Don't worry!
Ok, I've gabbed your ear off, hope you had a good Monday and here's to the rest of the week (I'm raising my water bottle at you).
Talk soon.

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Amy Starkey said...

hope you have a wonderful weekend with joc, tell her hi from nate and i! have fun white water rafting!!! how cool! ttyl