Sunday, August 17, 2008

Crawl for Cancer

Well, Happy Sunday night all! I survived the weekend and boy did we have a good time! Maggie's co-workers in the outpatient cancer center at "the U" do an event know as "Crawl for Cancer" yearly. When I heard it was a pub crawl, I was all about it. It's actually a national event, and although Michigan doesn't have one, Chicago and Columbus do (Michelle, we'll chat about this sometime soon). Anyhoo, the basic premise is, you get a team of 10-12 people, pay the entry fee ($500 I believe) and on the day of, you start at 1pm at the designated bar, and at each bar your team is responsible for drinking 4 pitchers of beer (their choice..we got Coors Light). Anyhoo, the only real rules are that you start at 1pm and finish between 4 and 6 at the final place where there's live music, food and of course, more beer! There are also taxi vouchers that you get too, so there should be minimal drunk driving and a t-shirt. It was a blast, I'll tell you that.
We started at one of the gal's townhouse with breakfast and mimosas, just light drinking to rev ourselves up I guess! It was a steady downpour but ended up clearing up for most of the crawl. Then taxi'd downtown and got the first round. By the end, you're basically drunk and totally having a good time. I can honestly say I don't remember the last bar very well, except that I met some firefighters from somewhere in the Rockies (I think). I was flirting harmlessly and then we did some dancing inside to a live 80s band. Then Jonathan came and picked our drunk as*es up and I crashed.
We had fun, I'd say that if you ever get a chance to do this or are interested in it, do it! Get a group of friends and do it. (c: Chicago's is this weekend and Columbus does one in expect a visit Michelle (c:
Well, I'm exhausted, have a cold and want to crawl into bed and sleep for a while. Hope everyone had a fun weekend, I can't believe August is two weeks from over! Jeez...time flies doesn't it?
I attached a few pictures, hope you enjoy
The Fluid Overloaders, just leaving our first pub...still sober (pretty much)...
At the second pub, Maggie and I grabbed a picture, she was already close to 3 sheets to the wind (she doesn't drink much anymore with the baby at home)
I'd let you guess but yes, Maggie is pretty toasted by this shot...I believe is our third or fourth bar, the groups were playing cups or something like that, where you line up with beer in your glass, you have to drink your's then flip your cup before the next guy can goes down the line until one team finishes first...Maggie became obsessed with the game, you can tell her excitement in this shot. I don't think she ever got to play, bummer!
This is at the fifth bar, The Celtic, one of our teammates who was responsible for getting our four pitchers knew the bartender, needless to say we had 8-12 pitchers between all of us ...I don't quite remember...


Anonymous said...

Well at least it looks like you are managing to have a blast while gaining an amazing opportunity!!! I am wicked jealous ;-) Hope all is well and I will try to call starts back this week and needless to say I am less than thrilled. Talk Soon ~Lizard

Jen said...

Kind of an oxy-moronic event, I would have to say... but looks like a blast anyway! :) Glad you had fun and got to do some drinking!!! Hope you had one for me! :)

Kelly said...

i will say a few things about this post.
#1-FLIP CUPS!! I'm a one-flip-wonder...seriously. its genetic. my sister and dad are also one-flippers. (meaning, in case you didnt get it, that it only takes one flip for me to land the cup).
#2-I like your hair a lot!
#3-I have an apt in SF now and its a great location! Don't know what your plans are for the next few months but you should come visit if you get a chance! you and joc could even bring cooper and him and lola can play! plane tickets are actually pretty cheap.