Monday, August 11, 2008

Holy freakin' fun!!!

Freakin' Sweet! Whitewater Rafting adventure, that's me up front on your left and Joc is second back on your right. It was so much fun and we got these sweet ass pictures, don't we look like we know what we're doing?!
Another rafting shot, this was part of the rapid known as Ditch the Guide, or the Double Jack knife, or something scary like that...we went in fast and hard (that's what she said!) and the adrenaline was pretty sweet. You can see from the pictures how fun it was, we have a bunch more too...we look like pros. Ha ha
Another trip we took was driving up to the summit of Mount Evans, at an elevation of 14,000 feet! gulp. it was waaaayyyy up there too. This is a picture of one of the lakes along the drive.
As we were driving, it was pretty overcast and misty raining on and off. It was about 60 degrees in Idaho Springs and a ranger's sign told us it was 40 at the summit...burr! I stopped to take this picture as we were driving. For those who have been to Ireland, think the Burren....lots of rocks, no trees (they don't grow at the higher elevations). Those glaciers sure did a great job of leaving these mountains behind.
At the summit, you can see that Joc was freezing, we were totally prepared, of course, both of us in flip flops and shorts Ha! At least we brought long sleeves... There were many bikers out riding up to the summit...and it's a long drive, took about 3 hours up and down driving, so you can imagine biking up hill for that long. I think we saw Lance Armstrong though..just kidding, but his friends were out there. Crazy mothers! (Some people's kids)

Now it is Sunday night, Joc is safely back in Michigan. Her trip was short and sweet, Fri-Sunday and back to work for us both. We had a blast WWR (whitewater rafting) and I don't think I'll pass it up again, it was fun, adventurous, nerve-racking and exciting all at the same time. The guides sort of scare you before you go, telling you what to do and not to do if you fall in, giving worst case scenarios and then as you are going down the creek (again, why do they call is a creek? You saw the pictures, does that look like a creek?!) they explain what's coming, what it will take from you and how to make it the best experience. I got a pretty big bruise on my inner thigh when the other guy we were riding with accidentally bashed me with his paddle (it was a rough spot and we had to get in the middle and my thunder thigh got in the way) and my foot felt like it might have been broken from being wedged in to prevent me from being bucked out and subsequently it was bashed by some rocks in the creek. It's better now, don't worry, I think it is just bruised. I recommend it for anyone looking for a fun joke, it's a must do in life.
We also went to the Hot Springs in Idaho Springs (that's where we spent to majority of the time), it's about a 30-40 minute drive west of Denver, into the Rockies. The hot springs are historic, and were discovered by the Indians centuries ago. They were over 100 degrees...needless to say, we only stayed in for short bursts.
We also did the drive up Mount Evans, see pics above, and we took many more shots. Joc asked me what my favorite part of Denver is and I'm pretty sure it's the mountains. There is so much to do, see, explore and find in them. They span as far as you can see and they go forever. The city is a city, nothing special, but the, if we could move those to MI, we'd be set! People were biking, hiking and running up the road to the summit and here we were, driving! But man, 14,000 feet...I can't run in that! I was feeling short of breath just driving!
But anyway, I've droned on long enough. Hope you enjoy the photos, I think I might upload more because there are a few more I'd like you to see.
Hope ya'll had a fun weekend!
Be well.


Jenn's Adventure said...

I'm not quite sure why the pictures are so small and you can't click on them to make them bigger...sorry. If you want to see bigger, better one's email me and I'll shoot them to you. Oh well!

Sailor RN said...

Definately going to have to WWR when the opportunity arises!!! Glad that Joc could come a visit for a while. Have a good week at work!!!

Amy Starkey said...

looks like you two had a blast! pictures are great! hehe...i can only imagine how fun that was, i'll have to try it sometime, like when i talk nate into moving out west! if only the family lived out there too, then it'd be great! i'm glad joc's trip out to visit was good and another month and you'll be home to visit anyway! woohoo!

Julie said...

I loved the pictures, You look so happy. Good to see. I haven't fallen off the face of the earth though I feel like I did. I'm in Nashville, TN. Tackling the biggest hedge this side of the Mississippi. I'm sore as hell. The hedge is more than 100' long 10' high and almost as deep. Couldn't WWR now even if I really wanted to. Still think I could ride a horse though. I'd have to be dead to not get on a horse. KEEP SMILE'N

Kelly said...

jenn!! loved the rafting pictures and the "that's what she said" quote...classic.
glad you ladies had fun! talk to you soon!