Monday, August 25, 2008

Secret Weekend

Hey ya'll! Greetings from the weekend. I'm actually in Michigan! I know, I didn't say anything before but I was surprising my little sis Juli for her bachelorrette party. So, as hard as it was not to tell everyone on my blog that I was headed back home, the secret was kept, even by my mother! Juli was very surprised and the weekend was fun filled with camping, tubing down the Manisttee River and drinking beer! We got rained on in the beginning but it dried out and the sun was shining by the time we got on the water. It was a fun way to celebrate the end of Juli and David's singledom.
I'm hanging in Michigan until Tuesday evening when I fly back to Denver for 6 shifts then fly back to Michigan for the wedding. It's a lot of flying back and forth, but the tickets were cheap that I found for this weekend, and there's only one bachelorrette party for my little sis. It was well worth it!
Well, what else is new? How about Obama's choice for VP? Biden...anyone else see this as interesting? Not for any political issue but for the name? Obama Biden....hmmm. I was really hoping that Hillary would come out of nowhere and surprise us all! The DNC is ongoing back in Denver as I type, not that I planned on venturing downtown at all...but the hospital was all on alert, sending emails about being ready to come in in case of an emergency. Maybe I'll run into Obama at Target this week...he could shop there, you don't know! (c:
Well, sounds like Joc and I are going to head to Grand Haven for the day, she originally took a half day today but just extended it to a full day. So, we'll make the most of it!
It's really good to be back in my old stomping grounds, Cooper was excited to see me (and I her) and it's always nice to see my mom and sisters. All in all, another great weekend.
The air is a bit cooler, the sun is setting just a touch earlier, and I can tell that summer is making a slow exit. Hard to believe, but August is almost over!
Hope you all had a good weekend, I'll be seeing many of you in a couple weeks. Be well!


Kelly said...

im glad you got to come back for the party, your sister must've been so excited!!!
i watched the coverage of the DNC and wondered if you were there. did you see michelle's speech? she is a good speaker and seems like a good lady. hil's speech was pretty rockin too.

Jenn's Adventure said...

I caught Hill's speech in the Chicago airport, waiting for my plane. I "heard" downtown was crazy so I avoided it but there were tons of helicopters flying around. And when I got a haircut, my stylist told me that at the hotel across the street there were secret service guys out that morning...they didn't know who was staying at a Ramada Inn but it must have been someone...or else a psych patient having a bad day? (c:
And of course, I caught Obama's speech last night...nice!