Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Airborne Toxic Event

Funny name for a band, I know but jeez, are they worth it to check out. If you like bands such as Dashboard Confessionals, Pearl Jam, or Glen Hansard (the dude from the movie Once) etc, you should check these guys out. Their songs tell stories, they have an eerie resonance that rings out in every one of their tracks. They are foot tapping, head rockin', jump around dancin' good. So far, my favorite song on the album is "sometime after midnight", it's a story pretty much everyone can relate to...l-o-v-e it. If you are a rock fan, you will not be disappointed by their tunes. They have a myspace page and are available on iTunes too. A fellow nurse at work turned me on to their CD last night at work and I bought it when I got home and haven't stopped listening to it and dancing around my apartment since I woke up. It's a CD you put on and keep re-playing until another band like this comes along. It moves me, obviously.
On another note, haven't been up to much this week, I did check out the Museum of History and Science on Monday. It was your average museum but they did have a whole section on dinosaurs and pre-historic stuff. They had fossils that were found in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming areas and that was pretty cool. To think, the dinos were roaming the same areas of Denver I am but that's probably true about the mid-west too, but it was interesting. I've been working the last couple nights, have tonight to go then off for a long weekend, a girl could get used to these weekends off!
Before I say adios, I want to also mention a book I've become absolutely in love with. It's laugh out loud funny and an interesting, attention grabbing story line. "The Spellman Files" by Lisa Lutz. It's a series about a PI family, the Spellmans, told from the older daughter, Izzy's perspective. I've been really enjoying it and don't want it to end. I literally laugh out loud numberous times in the book. And, there's a follow up out to it too, so I have big plans to get that one as well. Check it out if you liked books such as "Bridget Jones" and "The Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing".
Ok, those are all the plugs I have for you. Have a good weekend!

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Kelly said...

hey jenn-you should check out Kings of Leon...they are also a great band and one of eddie vedder's personal favs..cant go wrong! get Because of the Times and if you like it, their older CDs are good too!