Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well, almost.
I'm running late so this will be a quick hi and hello. Gonna work again tonight, then have the weekend off. It's official too, I extended my contract 1 whole week (c: to the end of September (so I can get the full housing stipend) and then head back to MI. So, my last day/night of work is Sept. 27th. I gave my apartment their ridiculous request of 60 days notice and will turn over my keys on the 1st of October, hit the road and hope to make it home in a day and a half....we'll see. But, that's all about a month or so away, so I need to focus on getting some of my day excursions done. Next on my list is that dog gone trip south to the Gorge and the Springs to take the cog to the top of Pike's Peak. I'm ironing out my details and should be headed there after Juli and David's wedding.
I need to get in the shower, so this is all I have time for today, gonna be a cool high 60s tomorrow, I'm so looking forward to that. Makes for great sleeping weather and running too!
Maggie is taking me on a Pub crawl Saturday, which I'm looking forward to a's a cancer raising drinking thing...I guess instead of Cancer walks and runs they do pub crawls...interesting (c: but definitely my kind of thing.
Hopefully I get some good pics of our day, talk to you all soon.

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