Thursday, November 6, 2008

A gaggle of pictures

Well, it seems that I have done a few picture worthy things since returning to MI and since I just uploaded all the camera images tonight, I thought I'd give ya'll something to chew on... It's a mix between our last trip to Cadillac to see my motha, sister Jules and cutest nephew Lucas on my grandma's 82nd bday. Also included are pictures from the wine country tour Joc and I did for our 1st wedding aniversary in Traverse City, we started out as strangers and ended up as pals, alcohol will do that I suppose (c: Oh, and how could I forget halloween? Right, I was a mime and no one bothered to tell me that no one likes mimes!!! Jeez, regardless, I looked good!
Enjoy the pics!
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Mom and Lucas
Sue (70s dude), Mandy (upside down baby, you can't see the head, it's between her legs), Joc (a rugby star from Ireland) and me (a mime)
A walk way on the sleeping bear dunes
More sleeping bear dunes and Lake MI
Me at the dunes, climbing and such
Our wine tour group at the end
This might have been the last winery...just tastin'
A sunrise from the B&B we stayed at...nice!
Joc and our favorite nephew, Lucas...ain't they cute?!

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