Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The benefit to benefits?

So, I've been insurance free for a couple months now and upon re-hire at Saints was told I'm not eligible for benefits until 30 days post hire. Well, long story short, 30 days passed, no news on my benefit options so I called HR and was told basically they were doing me a favor in allowing me to sign up through them. Then in browsing my options today I find it written that because I'm a re=hire I should have been eligible for benefits immediately upon hire! I could scream at that OTE/HR lady!!!! Not to mention, she works 8a-2p...please, how is that a "normal" day? And she has the nerve to call me today while I'm sleeping and leave the message that says, "if I don't hear from you today or tomorrow, you won't be able to sign up". Bite me!
Oh, I was hot...still am I guess. Just pisses me off, get your shit together, that's all I ask!
Thanks for letting me vent.

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Jen said...

Stupid HR people... I am dealing with stupid HR issues myself right now... Ugh. Good luck with that. Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!