Friday, October 3, 2008

Home Sweet Home

My mom and I made the long trek across America and survived it! Took 17.5 hours to drive 1200miles...Nebraska is a long freakin' state! It all went well, and I just returned from St. Mary's where I completed my re-hire paperwork, passed the drug test (whew!) and said hello to some familiar faces.
It's good to be home again.
As for this blog, I'm not sure where the future of it is headed. Maybe I'll update it with major happenings from life around here, maybe not. We'll see.
Thanks for reading and keeping up on my adventures and life while I tried my hand at traveling. I had a good time, learned a bit about myself, the hospital and the western way of living. It's been grand!
Until next time, be well!


Amy Starkey said...

i'm glad you made it home safely. and you get to see the wonderful fall colors and enjoy the smells of autumn. how i miss those days. we don't have those here in alabama! have fun this weekend. don't drink too much wine! :) and i really hope you keep your blog going. it's nice to read up on what you are doing. i think even those who see you more frequently than i do, would agree that you should keep up on your blog! it's nice to hear what you are up to, even the everyday things! if you don't keep up on the blog you better call me more often! :)

mommy nurse said...

Welcome home!! I brought back all the memories I had when I traveled. I wish I had a blog to read about all of the fun things I did!