Thursday, October 30, 2008

Time keeps on slippin'

I was thinking last night, as Joc and I were driving on the East Beltline, that I miss Colorado. Which is a little crazy to me, since I didn't love it while I was out there. Don't get me wrong, Margaret!, I had a great time and enjoyed myself immensely I just didn't love love love it. The sunsets here in MI, there's nothing comparable really and those Rockies are so majestic and breathtaking. The sky was so big, it felt like when I looked out I could see to Wyoming and all the way to Kansas or New Mexico ya know? I just don't get that here in MI. In Northfield, which was just an area north of my apartment (had a shopping area and theater), I saw such great scenery and great views of the Rockies, I miss that.
The work, I don't miss really at all, a few of my co-workers yeah, I miss them but I'm content to be back at my current place of work. Although there are more politics here than I remember and that is a bit stifling in fact it's almost suffocating at times. I'm dealing, trying to get my place back in the workforce, remind myself why I loved Saint's as much as I did and why I was so excited about returning. The staff has had such a turn over, my cohort's absence is definitely felt, in fact Rachael, we were talking about your legendary fart the other morning...and I do mean legendary because it will go down in history I think. (c: I'm only sorry I didn't get to witness it myself. It still feels odd going into work at night and leaving in the morning, and you really see no people of management at all. Hell, I could probably wear a different uniform and unless my co-workers tattled, no one would know! And moving to a new building, the planning and changes that are being made, hell, it's enough to give anyone a headache. I can't tell you how many rumors and talk goes on about what the staffing will be like, the roles we will all play, the fear of what types of patients we'll have, mourning the loss of our ICU identity. It's a lot, that's all I'm saying. I can't help wishing it was like it used to be, before we all left to travel. Se la vie, life goes on, things change, people move and we all grow up. I'm dealing, don't worry, I'm dealing.
Peace out.

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Sailor RN said...

That was a great fart...i still laugh when i think about that morning!!!!!