Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wee hours of the morn

Greetings! Before I get too far into this, I always sit down at the computer whose "s" doesn't work wonderfully. I have to consciouly push hard on the s and if I forget, when I'm proofing my writing, I notice dropped s's along the way. Irritating is one word for it.
Fall is in full force around MI, Joc and I enjoyed a trip up north to Charlevoix in which the colors were perfect. The scenery was breathtaking and gorgeous. The weather couldn't have been more perfect, we went to applefest in downtown Charlevoix on Saturday, then went out on the boat Sunday. It was a fulfilling weekend, and I was a welcome guest at the Hodack Farmhouse (a first for me!).
I did some leave gathering today, I can't call it raking because I used a leaf blower (or sucker) so, really I jut tooled around the front yard sucking up the leaves and then bagging them. And when I left for work, the yard looked like I had hardly done anything! Jeez. That's why I'm an advocate for waiting until the trees are bare before raking/leaf blowing. (c:
Anyhoo. The night is young, I need to chart and work on homework.
Peace out!

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Shelly-belly said...

Yo yo homey g! I sent you a text last night, guess work is where you were :) I'm busy working too... had yesterday off during the day for the holiday but had to work at Kroger's last night anyways. Ah, so much fun - guess I don't really want to do it since I don't even mind working there and I still want to quit huh... we'll see if I can tough it out at least for extra Vegas and Christmas money... and Luis' brother is getting married in April (in Mexico of course) so have to save money for that plane ticket too... lator gator <3