Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Joc calls it obsessed, I like to think of it as a strong affinity... to Twilight. I know what many of you might be thinking (or none of you...whatever!), Twilight, how pathetic... yadda yadda yadda... but I enjoyed reading all four books and I've embraced the first movie even if it's not the best adaptation of the book but whatever. I gave in and bought the movie and yes, I've watched it more than a handful of times in the last week, like I said, obsession/affinity for... debateable really (c: Anyway, I believe I keep watching the movie because I lent the books to a co-worker and I really want to re-read them but can't. So instead, I watch the movie over and over because it's all I have right now.
Well, in my obsession I discovered a new musical talent and it happens to be "Edward", Rob Pattinson. There are two of his songs in the movie and because the director kept talking about how great a musician he is, I googled his music and found about 6 songs that he performed in various bars in London (he's a Brit). He hasn't done any recording (other than the two songs in Twilight), isn't planning on recordign more, isn't performing at the moment and my disappointment lies in the fact that he probably won't ever be able to perform in public again like he did before Twilight because of his huge popularity. Which means I might never get to buy an album of his or get to fully appreciate his sound in public. I've bookmarked this website and have truley been moved by his music. He has an amazing voice and lyrics that speak to you, I have a weakness for talented musicians that aren't exactly "mainstream". So, I'll post the link and you can check it out if you like.
I'm thinking my obsession will subside in a week or two, but once I get my books back I plan to read them again and then I'll feel better. Then I can find a new obsession (c:
Crazy, I know believe me, I know.

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