Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls just want to have fun

Happy 4th of July. Tonight (the 2nd of July), I'm sitting in the peaceful (except for my damn neighbors shooting off M80s) evening air, listening to some newly downloaded tunes and thinking about life. This year is already half way over, do you guys realize that? How can it all go so fast?
I was at my grandparent's house the last couple days and I see how they have aged, gracefully and beautifully, but definitely aged. I hear them refer to their own deaths and it hit me that that can't be that far off. They are both in their upper 80s (respectfully) and no one lives forever.
Some pedestrian died this morning crossing the street, a 40 year old woman self-medicated with Tylenol for pain and killed her liver which killed her, a 50 year old man road his bike to the ER with crushing chest pain and proceeded to die... I'm sure the list could go on. Constant reminders of life's preciousness and the thought that not one of us knows that we will live to see tomorrow. Some idiot is bound to blow his/her hand off this holiday weekend setting off fireworks (at this moment, I'm secretly hoping it's my neighbor and his M80s!!), or be in a boating accident. People will say it was "unexpected" and tragic.
I didn't start this entry to write about death, I've just been lead this way. I hate being asked to plan for the next 5 years. What if somethign happens that requires I change the plans before then? What then? Man, as much as I like to know what's coming I still prefer to be in the dark just a bit ya know?
I saw My Sister's Keeper last week, read the book awhile ago and now finished it off with the movie. A tearjerker, no question about that, but a changed ending from the book which sort of made the book so tragic and sweet and unexpectedly touching. One sister, who couldn't survive without her sister, the other who has the role of keeping her sister alive... tragic. (if you read the book, you'd understand that last fragmented thought)
Signing off now, I'm just a bit jumbled tonight. Dreaming of heaven and what's next in life.
Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your summers.

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mommy nurse said...

I guess we see so much death and ask a lot of why's that we just need to be prepared. We never no when....hopefully in our 80's respectfully! oh yeah and in our sleep!