Friday, August 13, 2010

Can I be political for a minute?

I'm not usually politically charged on my blog or really in my life (I try to have some clue as to what is happening but who am I kidding? I have minimal passion therefore minimal interest...).

Not sure how many of you watch the news or keep up an interest in what is happening in California but a judge recently revoked the ban on gay marriage that voters had passed about a year ago. I'm happy about this for many reasons and very disheartened by the right-wing response for many reasons.

I can't wrap my head around why on earth someone would make such a big deal, and I emphasize big, about two people committing to each other for the rest of their lives. For fuck's sake! Why do you care what I do? Why is who I love such a huge deal to you that you want it written in the constitution (of your state but also the country) that I cannot marry the person I have to sleep with, not you?! I just don't see how my marriage affects you.

Canada, where I am legally married, has recognized gay marriage for years, let's go up there and see how many marriages have ended because gay people can express their love for their spouse? How has filing taxes as one household tainted your marriage? How has legally being the designated decision maker when the other spouse can't speak for themselves ruined the decisions a straight person can make? Has anyone divorced their husband or wife because gay people are legally "allowed" to marry? (unless said person is gay and decided to come out and live their life...but that's a whole other concept)

I just shake my head at people's arguments. I recently browsed some blogs and came across this post. (I particularly love the sanctity of marriage comments, the marrying dogs one and the marriage should be decided by the voters.) I was so very moved by this man's simple, basic and straightforward refutes I have re-read it multiple times. There is an underlying anger burning but he comes across in some pretty common sense retorts. He also wrote this one that made me want to stand up and high five someone and breakdown into tears at the same time.

This decision in California makes me happy because I see it as one small step forward for gay people. You know, Massachusetts has had legalized gay marriage for years, years I said. Has the Mormon church forgotten about them? What about Iowa?

I consider myself a spiritual person, I may not go to church frequently or even consistently, but I have a good relationship with God. I believe that He loves me for who I am, for my commitment to my wife for my love and support I show her every single day. I try to love others, help others and follow what path God has laid out for me. My God does not hate me for committing my life to my spouse, or desiring to raise children. He won't send me to hell when I die for loving Jocelyn all my life and being a faithful wife. I don't believe it. If you do, I suppose you can pray for me or whatever you believe will "save" me but I don't think I need it.

I'll end this rant here and remind everyone who reads my blog who is legally married and has all the rights and freedoms that document provides you that Jocelyn and I don't have, to be grateful and thankful that you don't have to think about it at all. Be thankful people don't do a double take when you are holding hands with your spouse in public, and that the simple things you take for granted daily are freedoms that gay people are fighting for.

Love each other man! Why does hate have to be the underlying emotion to so many people's arguments?

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Amy Starkey said...

i read that post by NoFo...i like it...some really good points...someday you'll have the same rights as me...i'm sure of it...when, i don't know...but some day...i'm sorry you have to deal with this crap. you'd think with all the forward progress we've made in so many arenas our generation wouldn't have these issues. love ya lots girl! we are behind you!