Friday, March 18, 2011


Hello there!  Just doing a great job procrastinating my thank you's from my work babyshower.  I was supposed to do them Tuesday but I found something (I don't even remember what) to do instead then I worked the last few days and now here it is Friday.  We have another babyshower on Sunday, a small one with Joc's work people and another shared babyshower as we are both working with someone who is due in the beginning of April.  I am so gonna get them done today!  Otherwise, the pile will just keep growing, like me!

Speaking of growing, I feel like I'm growing bigger everyday, I haven't shaved my legs in months (not something new for me) but I realized that it's going to be a challenge to shave them well in the next few months.  We are 30 weeks today!  That means this kid could come in the next two months!  That's crazy.  That means I need to start worrying about grooming as I'm not sure how much time I will have between onset of labor and preparing to get to the hospital.  We have our birthing class in April but I'm not sure that's going to be too useful really.  I'll have to wait and find out.  So, that's all the details I'll go into but I will say I can't really bend over well/easily anymore so I might have to devise a plan B!

In non-baby news, I got the new job!  It was changed from a full time spot to two part time slots... the only thing I'll say is I wanted full time and now we are running into snags of how to get me full time combined with staff nursing.  I haven't started, in fact it's been a little bit of a fubar so I hope it's not foreshadowing of what the job will be.  I'm also in email talks with Ferris to possibly do clinical teaching in the Fall with them, since they do it locally (I could probably go back to MSU but with a new kid, the commute and a different job, I'm not sure how it would go for me).  It sucks that we are waiting on deciding on daycare until I can have a more solid schedule... but that might not happen before the baby even comes!  I'm happy about the new job, it starts in the beginning of April, but it hasn't been the smoothest transition.  Let's hope it plays out better in the next week or so.

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