Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back to work

Joc and I head back to work in a week... I'm actually looking forward to it, let me tell you why. Before I had PJ, I started a new position as staff/nurse educator. You might recall the drama I experienced with full vs. part time, well about 3-4 weeks into my maternity leave my boss leaves me a message that another educator has resigned and she has a full time spot to "play" with. Which translates into me and the other new hire part timer getting full time if desired. My immediate response was, "hell yeah!" I wanted it before, te cost of benefits are half as much (especially with PJ on mine now) and I can get more done and get that pay increase that makes the job switch more worth it. Still, my feeling is strong toward full time, it's just I've never worked 5 days a week in my life so now I'm leaving my boy 5 days a week. It might be tough to get used to. I just didn't feel like after all the drama of the original position and me gripping about part time, that I should turn down this opportunity for full time, especially when I'm not sure when or if it'll ever come up again!
I am excited to be around more grown ups, who can take care of themselves and speak to me. I'm excited because I'm coordinating the simulation center that the hospital is starting, I have lots of new hires who are working on the unit and I'm looking forward to meeting them and getting to know the new population of nurses in our unit. I'm also taking on another staffing area, that is hasnt had an educator, so I have a lot to work on there. So lots to do, and time is ticking away! That's why I'm excited to return to work.
Joc and I have spoken about her dropping back a day so PJ would get an extra day with us. Will he know who we are? Will he start to favor Sara over us because she's with him every day we aren't? I have to believe it all works out because we aren't the first parents to wok full time and have kids... It just worries us a little.
I guess we'll see in another week.


TB said...

ahhhh mom guilt at its best! he is KNOW and LOVE his moms most--you two are his everything. working makes me a better mom and i am sure it will make both of you better moms as well. i think daycare has made my boys better people--they socialize, they have built a loving relationship with another positive adult, they got used to other schedules (not just my own)--little pj will just flourish!

hang in there mamas! some days the guilt is stronger than others :)

PS i would love to meet joc still :)

TB said...

should say "knows" and loves :)