Thursday, January 26, 2012

A voice

My grandfather died this week, and we attended the funeral today in Muskegon.  Not a huge deal to me, unfortunately.  I have some guilt about that but the reality is, we did not forge a close bond with my dad's parents after his death.  In fact, prior to his death, we really only saw his family once or twice a year.  Everyone but us lived and worked in Muskegon while we were up in Cadillac.  We owned the bakery and it wasn't easy to just pick up 4 kids and drive to Muskegon for a weekend to visit, so we didn't.  We always felt a little out of place, awkward, around the Gable's.  Now, it's about 20x as awkward.  My grandmother died in May, now my grandfather.  My aunts and uncles are technically orphaned.  A generation is gone.  It just seems odd to think of it that way.
My grandfather was way into techy crap, he always had a bunch of gadgets, TVs, the newest technology.  If he weren't so sick, I know he'd have a 3D TV just because they are the newest thing.  He took lots and lots of videos when we were kids.  My aunt mentioned to us girls, that she had all of grandpa's videos and some include Brian and my dad.  She said they'd make us a copy so we could have it.  So, I got to thinking, these videos will have my dad and brother talking... I haven't heard my dad or brother speak for 16 and 18 years.  I don't remember what their voices even sound like.  I'm anxious to listen, to see them forever alive in a video from years ago.  I want to call my aunt and say, "get me those tapes damn it!"  This thought never crossed my mind, that there might be a recording of their voices.
Of my grandparents death I am saddened.  They were always loving and caring towards us, opening their doors and welcoming us in.  I remember my grandma's wet kisses and hobbled and hunched walk (from arthritis).  My grandfather always had 2 or 3 TVs on and music playing in the background.  He'd be wearing sweatpants and a wife beater with his leather slippers and his dog at his side.  He had a sense of humor, similar to my dad's and his laugh was hearty.  They were in their 80s, lived a good and full life.  I celebrate their life and hope they rest in peace.


Oli and Kelly said...

Sorry to hear about your grandfather Jenn. How awesome that you'll have those tapes though. Thinking about you 3 always! xoxox

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