Thursday, May 10, 2012

Gay Marriage

I have to get this off my chest.  No apologies.  I know who loves and supports us.

I'm pretty irritated.... angry.... upset.... misrepresented.... I'm not sure the exact word I want to use here.  Last night joc and I watched the local news on President Obama's coming out for gay marriage.  I shut off the TV in frustration when it was over.  What gives all these people, these idiots, these ignorant ass holes, the right to give their opinion on my relationship?  Do I walk into their living rooms and talk about how I don't think ugly people should be able to get married?  Do I comment on their relationships?  I mean really, what gives anyone the right?
I think I'm pissed.  That's really what I am.  I'm sick of people's opinion related to my relationship.  The only people who should share their opinion on my relationship are me and Jocelyn.  That's it.  No debate.  No discussion.  Us.  Not you, definitely not a mid-aged politician who is out of touch with the younger generation.
I just can't see why this is tolerated by so many.
And this politician who says that the state of Michigan "spoke loud and clear in 2004" on the issue of marriage.  Firstly, 2004, are you f-ing kidding me?!  Does he realize it's 2012 now?  Secondly, how about the fact that the ballot was, I believe (and I'm only working from memory here), something like 48% for gay marriage and 52% against... that's hardly "loud and clear" to me.... that sounds pretty closely divided.... and again, it's 2012 now, how about we put it back on the ballot and see how it does?  And thirdly, the country is pretty much evenly split on this stupid issue.  50 50, I just read this in the GRPress.... No one is speaking "loud and clear".
Finally.  I have been married to my wife since 2007.  That's right, we have a license.  Some of you were there.  What, pray tell, has my marriage done to you in these 5 years?  Have you been unable to sleep at night?  Or been unable to file your taxes jointly?  Or maybe you haven't been able to live your damn life... I'm so sorry.
Whether these idiots ever evolve is up to them.  I think growing and changing based on your surroundings is part of adulthood.  Actually, it might be more of a childhood thing.  There is no excuse for ignorance, nor for hate.

I hope this entry helps me let this anger go.  I pray that I can find hope in this situation.  I do pray that this isn't an issue someday, that Patrick won't have to even think about why some people feel the need to share their opinion about his mom's relationship.  I'm not sure what will happen.

Open your minds.  See beyond your fear of this thing you find so foreign but feels so normal to us... Look outside your comfort and open your heart....

That's all I have.


Oli and Kelly said...

Very well said. I truly hope that someday this will be a non issue and people will look back on this time and say to themselves "what were people thinking?! how could we have been so ignorant?".
Love you three! xoxo

Oli and Kelly said...

** in the NEAR future