Monday, January 12, 2009

New Class!

I'm a nerd, I know this and that's why it is okay. I admit to enjoying school, sure I roll my eyes appropriately when stressed by it and talk poorly about it when it enrages me, but I like it. I like the regularity of it, the expectations of it and really, the busy work it creates for me. It guarantees me work throughout the week. Today, is my first day of the Spring semester and my class is gonna be a good one, Curriculum design. I know, I lost most if not all of you at "I enjoy school" but this is going to be a great class, I feel it! It's totally relevant to what I want to be when I grow up and how I want to teach. I'm so anxious, I might even start the reading today even though it's not due to start until Wednesday evening.
Didn't I say I was a nerd, now I've confirmed it for everyone who shook their heads no. I am and it's okay. Now, I have to go read... leave me alone! (c: hee hee

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Emily said...

I guess I'll join you in nerd-land. This post made me think "I wish I was in school and had good stuff to read..."
Hope it's a great class! Go nerds!