Friday, January 30, 2009

New Fridge Day!

We get our new refrigerator today! I'm very excited, let me tell you. Last night I cleaned all the magnets off the old one and it looks so empty and clean! I keep wanting to put the magnets back on because it looks lonely, sniff sniff. I can't wait for the new one, although I am a bit concerned that it won't fit through our doors.... I measured the back door and it's 27 1/2'' wide, the new fridge is 31'' wide. Hmmmmmm.... guess that's why I'm paying someone else to deliver it and haul away this piece. I figure they can always take off the fridge doors to buy a couple inches, right? Here's hoping.
Not much else happening these days, Joc bought a new car (I should say we since I'll be paying the bill too but she drives it.) A Ford Escape (say it like Dory does in Finding Nemo, it's funner) and traded in her lemon of a car. It's nice and fun to tool around in. The color is copper technically but I think of some pukey red when I hear copper so we call it burnt orange, that better qualifies it. I'm a little jealous of the new car thing but my car is perfectly fine so I won't be trading it in any time soon. Bummer.
You know, I wrote a bit ago about being excited for my new class and now that I'm in week 3, yeah, not so excited anymore! Jeez. The honeymoon phase is over, now I have to do some serious reading. Wish me luck, off I go.

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