Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Is it really snowing???!!!

Seriously, now?! It's just too damn depressing is what I say! I'm sick of cold, wet and windy winter! It's time to be done and it's time to be warm and sunny again, just for a little while.
I walked out of work the other morning and it was raining and cold, I groaned appropriately and a co-worker said, "at least it's not snow!" and I said, "I'm just ready to gripe about how hot it is..." Cuz I will, summer will come and it'll be hot and sunny and I'll have sweat dripping down my back and under my boobs and I'll be complaining and wishing it was just a few degrees cooler. I mean, seriously, I'm never content I know this. Sigh. Life is hard (c:
Nothing going on around these parts, except the weather, new unit is going ok. Lots of growing pains, kinks to work through and lessons to learn.
So long for now!

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Shelly-belly said...

Oh don't you worry - no snow here - it was in the 60's and sunny yesterday - cloudy today, but gonna be sunny and in the 50's again tomorrow... here in Southern Ohio :)