Monday, May 11, 2009


It's quite amazing the difference at the hospital from weekend to weekday. There's a quiet on the weekends that seaps away around 6am Monday morning, not to be felt again until Friday night around 7pm. The buzz that ignites with the doctors rounding, the med students looking at charts, day shift arriving and night shift holding onto the last hour of their quiet night. I prefer the buzz, I look forward to that energy to revive me for that last hour of wakefulness that some nights I just don't possess.
So starts another week at the hospital, but this place is not a Monday through Friday gig, we don't hold the hours of 8-5. Most days I'm glad for the break a three day work week provides, other times I wish for shorted shifts. Some shifts, 12 hours feels like one hour and other 12 hour shifts feel like 24 hours, just depends on the patients. Tonight was a mixed bag.
I'll leave you with those thoughts.

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