Sunday, May 17, 2009


Joc and her crawfish experience... it was a large plate, a lot of work and a little fish in return...
Bourbon street, Friday night... I wish this had volume because people are yelling, clubs have stereos on, jazz bands are playing in other bars, bouncers are trying to get people into bars, crazy, just crazy
Having a beer at the only NOLA brewery... I found a coupon for one free entree, yeah to saving $24!!
Laffette's (spelling is wrong) bar, was an old blacksmith shop where a couple pirates lived and worked, it was also part of the haunting tour... somebody's ghost lives here...oooohhhh!
There are a lot of famous people who live in NOLA, Nicholas Cage has a couple houses, of course everyone knows Brad and Angelina have a house, John Goodman has one, the Manning family lives there, and this house, it may be familiar if you saw "Benjamin Button" it was the house he grew up in... This is in the Garden District- most of the houses look like this, big, old, beautiful, historical, awesome. Many movies are shot in New Orleans, many are shooting now... a couple houses along our tour were pointed out as movie sites...
Just a street in the garden district, pretty very pretty there
One of the many above ground cemetery... it's a cool process for burying the dead I can explain it to you sometime... it's like recycling the dead
Cafe de Monde is pretty infamous, powder sugar donuts and coffee, it was good, if you can see the powder sugar on the ground next to me... they are coated in the sugar just coated. They were tasty!
Just a street in NOLA, it was quite beautiful there
In front of Cafe de Monde- our first full day in New Orleans
Patty O'Brien's is famous for their hurricanes, we made it in, had a couple drinks and stumbled out... they pack a punch! (c:
A picture on our walking tour of the French Quarter- I was the tour guide, very informative! (c:
Cafe du Monde (we only went once...these pics are all from that trip)
This is a haunted mansion in the French Quarter- a lady was tourturing and killing slaves... it's a freaky story...
The muffelatta- a big round sandwich, meat, cheese, olive salad, drenched in olive oil... an experience, very filling and if you don't like olives it might not be a favorite... New Orleans tradition.


Amy Starkey said...

fyi...those powdered sugar doughnuts are could you not put the "real" word for them...haha...hope you had a good time...too bad you are so close and we cannot meet up...see you in august though!

mommy nurse said...

WOW! I feel like I was there...ok so I was but I was too busy working to get out and see all the fun you saw! Of course I made time for bourbon street and beignets! Thanks for sharing the pictures of the sites I didn't get a chance to see. It was good seeing you!

Sailor RN said...

Glad you had a good time. I seemed to have missed what the conference was for. I like your hair right now. Looks good. I have a few updates on SailorRN!