Friday, September 18, 2009

Good bye summer

Life is pretty crazy these days. I haven't been the greatest friend to my long distance friends, I owe 4 people a phone call. It's a little overwhelming really. My friend Rachel keeps calling me from Iraq to talk but I seem to miss all her calls and I feel badly because I can't just call her back, ya know?
Fridays are student teaching days, so when I'm scheduled to work it gets a bit hairy. I have a co-worker who has volunteered to cover my four hours I need to be in the classroom. So, I start my day, leave at 1230 to teach, then I rush back to work to finish my shift. It usually is crazy because of the charting I have to get done and coming back in for a quick end to the shift. The first half of the semester is gonna be crazy and I'm wondering how I'll approach the second half.
The student teaching is fun, so far I've only had the opportunity to attend one class but today is my second day. It's not like I'm doing the teaching, I usually observe and help with the lab portion. But I really enjoy teaching the kids, it's fun.
I'm also taking 5 credits this semester, which takes a little getting used to again. The last year and a half of school I've only had one class and it's different making time for two instead of one class.
Anyway, I need to get moving, get ready for class today and post something for class by tonight.
Excited for fall to arrive, it was a cooler morning today, I actually could see my breath when I was running.

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