Thursday, October 1, 2009

Up early

Asked for and received a VO this morning. (VO stands for voluntary off, meaning I call and say, 'if there are enough nurses scheduled and you don't need me, i'll stay home') I have a mound of homework to get through, reading, write ups, postings, and then work for my class on Friday where the prof wants me to present and demonstrate the Snellen chart...what the heck is that? I need to refer to the book to review what exactly I'll be presenting to the class! Jeez. (c:
Is the age of the blog dead? My mom sent me an article a month or so ago about the blog craze dying down. People are running out of shit to blog about. I'll partially agree to this. I mean, what the hell is so interesting in my life that you guys want to read about it? Nothing, I'll answer that for you! As for others who blog so their families far, far away can keep up with life, can see pictures and videos they otherwise would be subjected to at holidays and visits in the future. I seem to remember watching a lot of silent videos from my youth, and enjoying them but I can't say everyone felt the same. I also recall watching other people's videos and thinking, "can i fit a nap in here without snoring/drooling or being noticed?" My blog is pointless, but I follow a couple other blogs that are pretty interesting and funny.... so I don't want their blogging to stop...but understand why the entries are less and less frequent. As for my friends who blog, I like seeing the happs in life, i.e. Rachael- I love your pictures and getting updates from NYC, Amers I enjoy watching Kaylen grow up on the blog, etc. I just feel like mine is pointless.
Well there was my pity party of one for the time being. Maybe if I were creative/motivated or had more time, I'd take 365 days and go through a cookbook, blog about it, become famous and have a book and movie done... can you imagine? Too bad the idea is taken already... bummer.
Until next time... happy blogging!


mommy nurse said...

So true! Nice seeing you at art fair!

Amy Starkey said...

so, you might think your blogging is pointless, but i'd read whatever you wrote...i get excited when i see that you've posted something new. you might not think people read your blog, but i do! i don't think people read mine, but since i've put the counter on my blog (earlier this year), i've had over 12,000 hits to my blog. imagine that...12,000 times people have logged on to see what i have to say...well, really i think they all just log on to see kaylen, but still...anyway, hope things are good. can't wait to see you at xmas and i promise not to bore you with home videos of kaylen! :)

TB said...

I agree with Amy :) I read whatever you blog Jenny :)