Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wasting Time

What the heck, I've got nothin' better to do! Since graduation, I've successfully done pretty much nothing with my life and it's been great! The last couple days have been lazy days of reading, watching TV and surfing the web... but now I'm getting bored. My running has even been impacted, it's getting bad. For example, I can sit and watch an episode of "The Biggest Loser" and feel empowered to go work out then I get distracted by gosh knows what and it's later in the day and I have to get showered and dressed. Really, it's all about making excuses. It doesn't help that it's been sub-zero temperatures outside (ok, 40s but still). I'm back in the game tomorrow, I promise myself. I've got some tris to train for darn it!
Still waiting on word of a job. GRCC still has my CV and cover letter, I made a call to their HR department to see what my next step is. I'm thinking I will send an email too and see if I get a response quicker from that. I just emailed my information to Davenport University for an opening for an adjunct nursing faculty person, is it too soon to call them? (c: Yes, since I hit send approximately 10 minutes ago... darn. I emailed with the dean at Western Michigan University, they have two full time, tenure track positions just waiting to be filled. Unfortunately, I lack the magical abbreviation behind my name (PhD) so I have to wait until they have a MSN position open. I really liked the sound of their philosophy and mission, so they are staying on my radar. Back up plans if I have had no word by June will be to apply at Baker College (Cadillac) and maybe try MSU (through my prof or previous preceptor). There's also a spot open at West Shore CC, but that's a good hour and 40 minute commute in good weather... I don't want to think about winters. Those are my back up plans... it's hard to not get discouraged that no one is even responding to my CV... how is it all you hear is related to the shortage of nursing faculty yet no one wants to hire someone interested?! UGH. I suppose I've never had to look for a job, so this is probably normal. In the back of my head I am worried that if I don't use the knowledge I've acquired, I'm going to lose it.
If no one calls me by mid June, I'm gonna have to start broadening my search...

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