Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What doesn't kill us...

Well, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that I won't be hired at a specific nursing school that I really wanted to be hired at. I should have listened to my gut, once again, and not even applied. I spent a small part of this morning sitting down for what I thought was an interview for a job but what this person, let's call her Bob for faster typing purposes, thought was a consultation. Bob took the 30 minutes we sat together to explain why she wouldn't hire me, why most nursing schools wouldn't hire me. In Bob's words, "No one hires Master's prepared graduates without teaching experience into a Baccalaureate program". I won't go into too many details, just believe me when I say Bob was unprofessional in her interviewing and the majority of the time I wanted to reach across the desk and punch her in the face then gather my stuff and say, "I can see this was a huge waste of my time." Instead, I sat there and listened to her tell me what wasn't good about my CV and why she wouldn't hire me. So I sat down in my car afterward and cried out of anger, frustration, fear and loathing. I got home and emailed my professor who has been telling us that we are "experts" in nursing education, that we know more about nursing education than some of the professors teaching today. I'm waiting to hear back from her, hoping she'll tell me it was a fluke of an interview and to learn from it and move forward.
Here's hoping.


TB said...

until you hear back, here's a hug for you :) i believe in you! love, t

Jen said...

Gable - you are one of the smartest, most courageous people I know... Anyone that can sit and tell you that you aren't going to be hired doesn't DESERVE to have you working with them! I am completely confident that you WILL get a job and you will get a GREAT job! :) One that you love and are going to be happy with. Hang in there through this and I hope your professor comes back with some encouraging words to make you feel better. :) Love ya!