Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Group work

Why does group work go so well some days and so wrong others? One of the final projects for grad school is writing a group paper on Obama's health care reform. One chick in my group seems to be clueless on what it means to support her thoughts with evidence... hello? I'm glad she knows everything she does but without support, it means nothing. Does this mean I will have to write her section? I'm so glad every other group paper throughout school has gone pretty smoothly and received a good grade. I mean, this paper is worth 30% of my freaking grade, it matters to me! I'm almost done, can't it be easy for once? Baaaaa!
Feeling the stress of final projects, just gotta get through a few more weeks and it's over. Oh, and in case you aren't on Facebook, or didn't see my update, I passed my comp exam! Sweet mother, that was pure relief and elation when I read "Congrats!" I screamed like a little girl, it was great. Then, back to reality... group papers and all. Ugh.

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