Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mr. Potter

This summer has been really great for my reading. Since finishing school, and continuing to work part time I have had many hours of leisurely reading time for none other than, me. And it's been grand! I was able to breeze through a few great books, maybe I'll mention them here and a quick synopsis (as I'm glancing at my bookshelf now, I'm surely only hitting a few).
The Girls From Ames, Jeffery Zaslow
Great read about a group of 13 women and how they have forged a friendship from youth to now (mostly in their 40s or 50s) without technology (initially) and living across the country. It was a little slow to get into as you have to learn who they are and sort of keep flipping back to the pictures to place them together but in the end, there are many tears and you want to pick up the phone and call your best friends and say, "thanks for being my friend". A great read for any woman with good friends from youth.
The Road, Cormac McCarthy
This one took me ages to pick up and commit to actually reading. I work with a guy who is a Cormac McCarthy fan and he told me repeatedly to read it. It's not a happy book, it's pretty much a survival story of a father and son after the world has... ended isn't the right word. It's almost as I'd imagine the world would be if whatever happened to the dinosaurs happened now. It was a fast read once I got into it, and like I said, it's not a feel good book. The cover is black for gosh sakes, and the ending isn't the "happiest" but still worth it.
City of Thieves, David Benioff
Oh man, I really enjoyed this quick read. Based on a true story, set in Russia during Nazi-era when Hilter and the Germans were attempting to take over Russia. This story is around a boy (the author's grand father) and a way-ward Russian soldier who are sent on a mission to get one dozen eggs... great writing, adventure and humor make this story, great... I highly recommend it.
The 8th Confession, James Patterson
I enjoy the stories of the Lady Detective series... they are fast, suspenseful reads and easy to plow through in a few days. The 9th one is out but I'm waiting for soft cover.
Making Toast, Roger Rosenblatt
Another quick read, a true story of the author's sudden and unexpected loss of his daughter (an accomplished doctor to a rare hear defect) and how him and his wife move in with their son-in-law and their 3 kids (all very young). It's a great story about loss, grief and moving on after someone dies.
Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert
I'm working on this one... a girl at work lent it to me and I enjoy the writing style and the author's vigor to find meaning in her life. I just let myself get interrupted by none other than Mr. Harry Potter. As I saw a preview for the final movie and wanted to re-read the final books. So, I haven't finished this one- but I will and I'm sure it'll be a fine read over all.
Harry Potter (book 5)
I don't know how many HP fans are out there reading this, but I just love these books! If you haven't read the series, I highly recommend plowing through the first couple and then enjoying the 4-7 books (the best in my opinion). I had forgotten how long the 5th book was... blimey! But I finished it last night and this morning picked up the 6th one. It's different knowing what the ending is, ultimately, but the suspense is still there. And I'm really picking up on things I probably breezed over in the first couple reads. (Yes, this is my third or fourth time reading the books...)

So that's it. I have until August 16th to fit in more reading... I still have 3 books I definitely need to get in, that I'd forgotten about when I bought them. I love a good read!

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