Saturday, July 10, 2010

You probably already know...

I think all of the 5 people who still read my blog are friends with me on facebook and know that I accepted an adjunct teaching position at Michigan State University for the fall semester 2010. What a relief! I was so happy to accept and feel like a contributing part of my relationship again. I have really enjoyed being part time, having that extra day a week to do, honestly? nothing. But, it's time I get going with reality. The big question I keep seeing and hearing is, are you leaving saints? The answer- not at the moment. For you non-academics, adjunct=no benefits, so as healthy as I am and not necessarily in need of benefits, they are nice to have for the "just in case" times and then there's that whole attempting to get pregnant thing... so i'll be staying at Saints part time. Every week feels differently at work, I feel it's a perfect fit and I don't want to leave the bedside one week then the next comes and I'm feeling burned out and don't want to come back. So, for now, I stay and work.
The job starts August 16th, so I have about a month of mentally preparing and organizing myself before jumping in! Thanks for all the encouragement and faith, praying it goes well and I have a good group of students to start my teaching experience.


TB said...

YAY and keep blogging..... for one, it is good for you :) for two, i enjoy reading and for 3, i made mine into a book (online of course there are places you can "connect" to so it turns into a paper book) and it has made a wonderful keepsake!

i am happy for you!

Amy Starkey said...

i completely agree with teresa..i love reading it, even if you only write every once in a while :) and congratulations!!! i saw it on facebook but didn't comment, sorry! love you girl. you'll do a fabulous job! :)

mommy nurse said... what are you going to be teaching?

Life 102 said...

Entry level med surg clinical at Sparrow hospital in Lansing. 2 days a week, semester long contract. I'm excited, a little leary about the drive but very excited!
Thanks for the congrats,