Monday, June 28, 2010

What'd you call me?!

July, can you believe it's July (almost)?! I called my mom today and realized this weekend is the 4th, wow. You know, I'm not sure why time moving so quickly is so surprising to me (always). It just is.
So, I'm not pregnant, I can say this confidently. I had a few days there that I thought it was going to happen, but I think I psyched myself out (and Joc too). So, back to the grindstone we go. With hopeful thoughts for the next round, which I think I'll keep more on the dl for our sanity and the decreased pressure. Not that I don't like the support, I just think it might put added pressure on my uterus, egg and those foreign spermies. So, when and if I'm pregnant, you'll find out. And thank you for the kind words and support you've shown us without hesitation, I really do appreciate your love and support, it is felt through the WWW. (c:

So, my next ventures this summer are:
1. MSU interview (that's correct people, MSU!) through my connections at school, I've secured an interview (finally!) for a clinical teaching position for the fall. thank the Lord! Ferris officially emailed the generic "thank you for your interest BUT we've filled our positions, we'll keep your CV on file, blah blah blah" so they're out. My last other hope is Davenport where I submitted an app for a clinical coordinator position, they are reviewing the applicants and calling for interviews around the 9th of July, so if that were to come through I might be more excited than MSU because it would be a pretty good experience. as always, I'll keep you posted.
(On a side note, there was a small article in the Sunday GR Press about the high need for Nursing instructors... right, I was ticked when I read that. If you need em so badly, why don't you hire people who are fully capable?! BA! This looking for a job is a biotch man!)
2. Tri Del Sol July 17th. My first tri of the season, I'm not as trained as I'd like to be (as I was last season) because my training buddy went to Africa and it's not as easy for me to get in the open waters of Millennium Park knowing what's in the water... I know it's a bit pathetic but what can I say? (c: But it's doable, and I purchased clip-on pedals so I'm all set for a good race.
3. Millennium Tri August 8th. Same story as above but it's a touch shorter and I'll be better prepared because of the Tri del Sol and more time between races.

That's it. I really got online this morning to check into my cable bill and what would be cheaper AT&T or Comcast, and to organize my student loans... damn things. But since it's been awhile since I've updated, I was distracted. Now, onward to evaluate my costs!

Happy July people!

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TB said...

thanks for the update friend! keeping your journey in my thoughts :) good vibes coming your way!