Sunday, June 12, 2011

He's arrived!! (finally!)

I won't bore you with all the gorey details, but Patrick Jude Gable Hodack has arrived!!  We were induced on Thursday afternoon, it was a long and drawn out and often times painful (anywhere from 2/10 for the little, early contractions, to 8/10 for full out labor... and that was with an epidural!)  I was on a pitossin drip for the majority of the time, off  here and there when there were heart rate decelerations on the baby monitor.  I had my water broken, multiple attempts to place a catheter through my cervix to open it, and too many hands up my vagina to check my progress.  It wasn't the funnest thing I've ever done... but the end result is pretty great.  And, it's sorta true what they say, you forget the bad to remember the good.  (I can still easily recall the bad but it's still pretty fresh, give me a few months.)
So, the official statistics:  born 6/3/2011 at 23:40 (everyone in the room thought he'd arrive after midnight but once I got down to the business of pushing, it just progressed nicely), he was 8lbs, 3oz, 23 1/4 inches long (he had a cone head that has since gone away and we think that gave him the extra 1/4 inch so we don't even report it usually).  He has been a pretty good baby, we had some latching issues on the first night but now we're getting by fabulously.  He already had his first pediatrician check up, was back up to 8lbs (had discharged at 7, 14) and is doing splendid.
I'm feeling pretty good.  Someone asked if I missed being pregnant, and I said, "heck no!"  I can wear my old clothes (pretty much... i'm still deflating but I can wear my comfy clothes...), I can see my feet (which have deflated as well from a +4 or 5, seriously, edema to scant of none), I can shave my legs by bending over completely without any discomfort, I can lay on my belly (although my breast now are too full and tender to do this just yet).  I wasn't the biggest fan of pregnancy but I'd do it again for the little guy.
So, I'll try to update the blog with occassional pics and events... life should get even more exciting from here on out! (c:


Jen said...

I think the photo of you and him is the best one... How precious are those first moments! I am so happy for you guys! He is beautiful!

TB said...

love. love. love.

Sailor RN said...

SO HAPPY WITH YOU!!!! Congratulations!!!
I look forward to more pictures and updates.