Monday, August 19, 2013

Long nights

Since I've already posted on Tired, I feel like another would e overkill but that's my life right now. Our sweet Cecilia is a sucky sleeper. This I've always known but we get glimpses of relief to be followed by hellish nights that leave me close to tears or waking with a kinked neck from sleeping in the rocker.
There seems to be no end in sight and the solution I fear is a total hell of crying it out, alone. Which we did for Patrick and he did fine. Ceci has been a much more challenging child in that aspect. My fear with a total cry it out is the inconsolable big tears, the red face and the sweaty mess that takes the place of my baby. And to let her cry it out every hour and a half? That will be the hardest. Because that's how often she is up sometimes, longest she's given me is 4 hours and that's only 1 chunk of the night not consecutively in a night. I'm tired. I'm hormonal, exacerbated by lack of sleep, I'm sad for my girl and I'm tired. (Did I say that already?)
I hate to complain, and try to limit it as it's met with so much advice... But I'm getting desperate. We're trying probiotic drops daily now because it was "night and day" difference for a coworkers kid. I'm ticking down the list of what works for others praying it works for us. I'm getting desperate, reading online blogs and considering paying someone to give us a customized sleep plan. Do we need that? I sleep trained one baby... Why not this one too?
I know we'll all be even better people at the end of this tunnel, but I don't see any light on... Not even a glimpse of one. I mean, I'll settle for 4-6 hour blocks of sleep, we don't have to get crazy and get 12 hours... Just a little REM sleep will do this momma some good.
Say a prayer for better sleep for both Ceci and I... And if you don't pray then ill accept positive vibs and anything else you can throw at me.


Amy Starkey said...

Praying for sleep for both of you. I won't give you advice because I don't have any. My kids have all been different about sleeping that it's so up in the air. I do hope that you find relief soon. Has the no dairy helped with her belly?

Life 102 said...

Nope, dairy made no difference. I did my first modified cry it out last night. Still up every 2 but only picked her up to feed her once. Just hope a week of hell makes it better in the long run.

Amy Starkey said...

well good and bad, now you get dairy, bad that she still has tummy issues. just spitting up or screaming too?? did you see the chiro?? did it help?

all you can do is try. she will sleep eventually. I know that doesn't help, but it will happen. praying for some very long stretches of sleep in the near future! love ya girl, keep your chin up!