Thursday, January 2, 2014

Crying it out... Still

How many nights will I listen to my baby cry? It should be working better than this. We've been using the cry it out on Ceci since October and as I type this, at 2 am, I'm listening to her fussing and crying, sometimes screaming. Ugh. How long will it take? And it's not once a night, nope. This week, it's been about every 3-4 hours. I don't get it. I just want her to get it. Please. Listening to your child cry every night is so hard.
And she's done it, she's asleep again. That only took 30 minutes of crying, one dose of Tylenol and me getting up twice. See you in 3 hours to do it all again.

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Amy Starkey said...

so sorry girl! praying that it gets better soon!