Friday, July 25, 2014

A new era

Maybe era is the wrong word but whatever, it gets my point across. I have taken a leap of faith, an unsure and mostly unsteady step into an unknown world this week. I have accepted a new job, a tenure track faculty job at the community college here in Grand Rapids. I start August 19th. I am excited, scared, nauseous, anxious and unsure. I am ready for something new, heck I've been talking about a new job for years now so it's really about time I got serious. I'm sad to leave my comfortable world that I've known for over a decade. I'm scared to know basically no one and start at zero, novice teacher. But I'm ready.
If you ever want to feel better about yourself, announce you are leaving. The kindness people have been showing me is humbling. Their words make me cry, realizing what I already know, people really like me! It's silly really, and makes the change that much harder.
I cannot thank my coworkers and family enough for everything they've offered me over the years. You've made me a better person, a better nurse and a better teacher. I will miss it all.

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